The Sickle

“Thrust in your sickle and reap, for the time has come for you to reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.” Rev 14:15

Most Christians consider salvation to be their chief concern in life (and rightfully so), and so it is that when it comes to the study of God’s Word they make the study of “Salvation” their chief area of study while for the most part other areas of study, such as specific doctrines i.e. those governing the Covenants, the Ransom,  Restitution, the Two Salvation’s, the Day of Judgment, the Lord’s Return, prophecy and etc. are generally neglected. Thus many have very little true knowledge of the bible as a whole, that is with the possible exception perhaps of some of the more predominant stories and events which they have heard about over years, such as the story of creation, Noah and the Flood, the Exodus and the giving of the Ten Commandments, Jonah and the Whale, the Birth of Christ, his Death and Resurrection and perhaps possibly some vague or fancied ideas about Revelation and etc.

Generally their scope of study centers around the New Testament, specifically the Gospels and the Epistles as most are under the impression that the Old Testament deals mostly with the Jewish people and the Jewish age while the New Testament deals with the Gospel Age and with Christians, this is in part true, however we have the Apostle’s admonishment that, “ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine…” (2 Tim 3:16). Keep in mind that when the Apostle wrote this statement to Timothy, there was no written New Testament, thus he was obviously referring to the Old Testament at the time, but of course we understand the New Testament when eventually written and compiled would be included in this statement.

This statement that “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” assures us not only of the truthfulness of ALL scripture, but likewise of the importance of ALL scripture, both the New and the Old Testaments alike. They are God’s “two witnesses“, also referred to as the “two olive trees and the two lampstands” (Rev 11:3, 4),  both hold equal authority. Needless to say God would not have sanctioned “All scripture” if “All scripture” were not proved necessary for man’s instruction.

In the Bible God has provided us with the perfect Book of Instruction, but in order to get the most out of this book of instruction it needs to be studied as a whole. One cannot become a proficient Student of the Word simply by studying a few chapters of the bible while at the same time neglecting the rest of it, no more than one could become a proficient doctor or medical practitioner simply by studying a few chapters of a medical book while ignoring the rest.

The Bible contains 66 books– ALL sanctioned (or approved) by God, ALL being deem necessary “that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped…” (Verse 17), it contains historical information, doctrinal and inspirational information as well as prophetic information dealing with the past, the present, and the future (Revelation). The degree of neglect in which any one of these subjects has been neglected will have a direct bearing upon how complete and well equipped the individual Christian is. As it would not be wise to go into battle without “the whole armor of God”, so it is not wise to neglect the study of ALL of the divine revelation, but alas this is how the majority of professing Christians are equipped, most have but a few pieces of armor, some the “shield of faith” alone. Unfortunately the integrity of one’s shield is dependent upon what materials originally went into its construction. (1 Cor 3:12-15)

Many are familiar with some of the historical events recorded in the bible while others focus a little on doctrinal issues, and perchance a little prophecy here and there, however most tend to look chiefly to the bible for inspirational instruction essential to their personal faith, and walk with the Lord, however only a clear and harmonious understanding of “the whole counsel of the Word of God”, will enable one to withstand in this evil day.

“The Apostle’s exhortation is that we take the whole armor of God (“the whole counsel”)–not merely the shield of faith, not merely the helmet of salvation, not merely the breastplate of righteousness, not merely the Sword of the Spirit, not merely the sandals of preparation, not merely the girdle of Truth; but that we take all of these–that we shall need all of these if we would be able to withstand all the assaults to be expected in this “evil Day,” and having done all to stand. Alas! How few seem to realize the importance of this armor which God has commended! Their difficulty is the result of not knowing the time in which they are living, not being sufficiently awake, not being sufficiently zealous to search the Scriptures and to put on the armament and preparation for the battle there alone provided. Therefore all such lukewarm Christians will surely be overthrown in this Evil Day.” (SM292)

Put on the whole armor of God, take to yourselves the whole counsel of the Word of God, don’t settle merely for one or two parts of this counsel, you are going to need everything, every part of this counsel, historic, doctrinal, inspirational and prophetic, a full and complete understanding of the divine plan and purpose at this time if you hope to stand.

And so with this blog we hope to address several key doctrines generally misunderstood and neglected by most professing Christians, doctrines which we believe to be both pertinent and essential to the Child of God at this time, chief among these, the Ransom, “the Restitution of all things”, the Coming (or presence) of our Lord both with regards to the manner as well as to the time, and lastly some of the various prophecies and symbolisms which collaborate these facts.

“No work is more noble and ennobling than the reverent study of the revealed purposes of God–“which things the angels desire to look into.” (1 Pet. 1:12) The fact that God’s wisdom provided prophecies of the future, as well as statements regarding the present and the past, is of itself a reproof by Jehovah of the foolishness of some of his children, who have excused their ignorance and neglect of the study of His Word by saying: “There is enough in the fifth chapter of Matthew to save any man…”, “What need have we to know God’s plans (as outline in prophecy)?, we need only to have faith.” And yet at the same time we are admonished by the Apostle that, “Ye have the more sure word of prophecy, which you do well to take heed as a light shining in a dark place.” (2 Pet 1:19)

Blind faith is not true faith, it is merely credulity. “Without faith (true faith, backed by facts, not by supposition or opinion, but by the Word of God), it is impossible to please God”, all such who disregard “the whole counsel of God’s Word”, the entire canon of scripture are not so “thoroughly equipped” as they imagine and as such are left unawares of the “times and the seasons” in which they live, many of these possessing “a great zeal (love) for the Lord, but not according to knowledge”. Not having heeded the Lord’s counsel that they should “grow BOTH in the graces (love, the spirit of the Lord), AND in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ” they are left in darkness as to “the day of their visitation.

And so it is with this work that we will attempt to lay down some of the fundamentals of the plan of God to those who are hungering and thirsting for truth. We of course realize that only God can give the eye to see and the ear to hear so we do not expect all to hear. Nevertheless, “Let he who has an ear hear what the spirit is saying”.