Those Who Deny The Ransom

Those Who Deny The Ransom

“Those who deny that our Lord Jesus gave himself a ransom (a corresponding price, a substitute) for ALL (which includes father Adam) deny the gospel of Christ and the apostles, regardless of whatever else they may profess to believe. And the clearer it is presented, and the sooner they realize it, the better for such as are being blindly led into the error.  The sooner the line of division is clearly drawn, the better it will be for the Lord’s sheep (the true “wheat”).

We need not expect that such will openly confess that they are deniers of the ransom any more than we need expect a staunch Romanist to admit that the Papal system is the Antichrist. By their doctrines, and not by their professions, both show their real position.

It is time, dear friends, that each for himself shall definitely settle this one question which lies at the foundation of Christian faith: Do you accept the Bible teaching that the death of “the man Christ Jesus” was our ransom, or corresponding price, by which a “propitiation” (satisfaction) of the divine law was effected (1 John 2:2; 4:10; 1 Tim 2:5, 6), and do you believe that this ransom was efficacious for ALL, or do you not believe it? Be honest with yourself and with others. Be not ashamed of your honest convictions.

If honestly in doubt as to God’s teaching on THE SUBJECT and meekly desirous of being shown the path of life, you are of the sort he is ready and willing to lead into the truth. Such may truly and confidently look to God and say, “Thou will show me the path of life,” remembering the promises, “The meek will he guide in judgment, and the meek will he teach his way.” (Psa 16:11; 25:9) “All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.” Psa 25:10.

It will not suffice to say, ‘Yes, of course I believe in Christ as the ransom’, and yet indifferently neglect to give consideration and weight to the true meaning of the word “ransom”.

YOU DO NOT BELIEVE, IN THE TRUE SINCE OF THE WORD, ANYTHING IN WHICH YOU ARE WHOLLY IGNORANT. (This is merely blind credulity, which is not acceptable to the Lord) We therefore exhort all, to awake to the importance of the subject, so as to study this very first and foremost important foundation doctrine of all true Christianity.” (R 1256)

Anyone (including our JW friends) who whether openly or through subterfuge denies that the ransom covers ALL including Adam exposes to all that they are in truth totally ignorant of the true meaning and significance of the ransom.

As it was a perfect man who had sinned therefore under God’s law it would require another perfect man taking his place to acquit him of his sin, and since we were all included in Adam’s sin as attested by the Scriptures, Adam’s redemption should be of prime importance to us, for if he be not redeemed then neither are we.

Now there are some who say that the ransom did not cover Adam, however this is foolishness for all (that is those who have taken the time to properly investigate the true meaning of the word “ransom”) perfectly well know that the word “ransom” or anti-lutron implies a corresponding price, that is to say the price which is to be paid must be equal to or correspond with that which was forfeited with that which it is to take the place. There have been but two perfect men who have ever lived upon this earth, one was the perfect man Adam (prior to the fall) created in the image of his maker and the other was our Lord Jesus Christ when “made flesh”.

Now if our Lord as a perfect man was chosen (i.e. volunteered) to be the ransom (Job 33:24; 1 Tim 2:5, 6; John 10:18), the corresponding price to be paid for another then logic dictates that the one for whom he is to replace must likewise have been at one time perfect and without sin, otherwise there would have been no corresponding value between the two. Keep in mind that the ransom is to be applied to or correspond to the thing which was lost (i.e. perfection), not to that which is (fallen, imperfect). Adam’s perfection was what was lost; this is what is to be redeemed.

Now there is no getting around this fact, unless our friends who deny the true significance of the ransom should be so bold as to proclaim that they are or were at one time perfect men even as was Adam.

“Since the first man, Adam, was a perfect human being, it follows that Jesus, as a corresponding price, must also be a perfect human being and that the resultant life must be perfect human life. The whole race was in and sprang from Adam their father, by mother Eve but not from her. And thus it is written “all in ADAM die,” but not all in Eve. Because the race came of Adam, it was tried in his trial, condemned in his failure and included under his sentence.

Now we see that our Lord Jesus left the Heavenly glory that He might accomplish a ransoming work for Adam and his race. We see that his change of nature from a spirit to a human being was with a view to enabling him to be the Ransom-price—a perfect man for a perfect man— Anti-lutron —a corresponding price for the first perfect man whose fall involved the entire race, and whose redemption also involves the entire race.

This concept of the corresponding price is a fixed law of God’s universe! It is expressed in Israel’s Law Covenant: “You shall give LIFE for LIFE, eye for eye, tooth for toothExod 21:23-24

Any who deny that they were redeemed in Adam likewise deny that they were condemned in Adam, and therefore are not covered under the ransom sacrifice, whatever else they may believe.

Our Lord in giving his life as a Ransom for Father Adam was in truth giving His life as the Ransom price for the sins of the whole world. Inasmuch as all men died in Adam, the sacrifice of the one perfect man, Christ Jesus, was therefore sufficient to accomplish the redemption of the whole human race, which was in Adam’s loins at the he sinned.

“Now the free gift (justification to life, eternal life) is not like the offense. For if through the offence of one (man, Adam) many be dead (under condemnation to death), much more the grace of God (the gracious plan of salvation), and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.” (Rom 5:15) Paul here begins to zero in on his main subject, a contrast between original sin and the act, which brings redemption. Although the ransom is a corresponding price, a perfect life for a perfect life, Paul is emphasizing the differences between the redemption and the sin for which it atones. The original sin was of one man; the atoning act covered the sins of many. The original sentence was for one act of disobedience; the atonement covers a multitude of transgressions, i.e. the sins of the world.

The fact is that Jesus’ death was the equivalent or corresponding price for Adam’s sin and penalty, and quite sufficient to legally effect the release of every member of the race.

The economical feature of the Divine Plan is a most wonderful thought. By one man’s disobedience God permitted the results of that transgression to affect all of Adam’s children. All mankind were involved under the ORIGINAL SIN, of the one man.

Wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men.” (Rom 5:12)

Then in due time God so arranged that the sin of the one man, Adam, would be met by the Man Christ Jesus; that thus Adam would in due time be freed from the death penalty; and that all his children, who inherited death as well as weakness and imperfection through him, would also be amenable to this one redemption–that the one Ransom-price was sufficient for Adam and all his posterity.

“Therefore, as through one man’s offense judgment (i.e. the sentence or curse) came to all men (extensively) resulting in condemnation… (All fall short of the glory of God, there is none righteous, no not one) even so through one man’s righteous act (the Man Christ Jesus who gave his life a ransom for all) the free gift (redemption from the Adamic curse) came to all men (co-extensively) resulting in (the sentence of) justification of life.” (Rom 5:18)

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