Temple of Beauty, Part 7

Temple of Beauty, Part 7


“Outside the inner gate (that is in the inner court) were the chambers for the singers in the inner court, one facing south at the side of the northern gateway (M), and the other facing north at the side of the east gate (P).” (The New King James Version has the second one at the side of the southern gate, but it should be placed at the side of the east gate as stated in the Original King James, the New American Standard Bible, and Young’s Literal Translation). Ezek 40:44

The singers’ chambers are for the priests (The Little Flock). The chamber at the East typifies the Little Flock, who from their position in Christ (The East) will sing praises to Jehovah in the (North) for His goodness to them, and the chamber at the north typifies the same immortal ones singing from their standing in the north (The Divine Plane) towards restored humanity (the South), of the manifold blessings of Jehovah. (Rev 15:2; Psa. 106:10-12; Zeph 3:14, 15, this song will be echoed by perfected mankind. Isa 35:10; Psa 135:1-3, F52, par.1, See Hosea 2:21, 22).

The inner court wall (N) types the Great Company who will then be under the headship of Christ. (Rev 7:15) The dimensions of this wall are not given, which suggest that the Word of God gives but little direct information about the condition and activities of this class in the Kingdom. It is presumed that they might work closely with the Church in the work of future worlds and in the creation of new life and beings.

The pillars (O) in both inner and outer court (Ezek 42:6) will probably form a colonnade around the border of the pavements. They will typify the pillars, chief ones, amongst mankind (outer court) and amongst the great company (inner court). In 1 Sam 2:8 the pillars refer primarily to the Little Flock, but the same thought could be applied to the Ancient Worthies who will be pillars on the earth “in that day”.

The vestibules or porches (Q) of the inner and outer gates and also that of the temple, see letter (F), are described in Ezek 40:7-9, 39, 40, 48, 49. All the porches of the gates and that also of the temple typify Christ as the resurrection. It is only through our Lord and His ransom sacrifice that any can enter into life on any plane. See John 6:40; 11:25, 26 and comments.

“Then he went to the gateway (S) which faced east; and he went up its stairs and measured the threshold (outer door) of the gateway, which was one rod wide, and the other threshold (the inner threshold) (R) was one rod wide.” (Ezek 40:6)

As in the Tabernacle the same here the gate, the door and the veil, all facing the east, typed Christ and in a certain sense those in Him. None might enter those holy entrances except those having to do, as actual or probationary, participants in the sin offering. So in the Temple of Ezekiel, in connection with the east gate of the outer court is pictured the entrance of those that will have to do with the cleansing of the people from sin- the Little Flock and the Ancient Worthies.

The Little Flock is depicted as the glory of God entering by the east gate of the outer court and the east gate of the inner court, and finally into the temple (Ezek 43:1-5), typing the progress of the Christ Body through Christ Jesus, as the way (gate or door) into Imputed human perfection (outer court) through thechangeto the Spirit plane (inner court) and up to the immeasurable exaltation of the nature of God (the Temple).

“Each gate chamber (T) was one rod long and one rod wide; between the gate chambers was a space of five cubits…” (Ezek 40:7), “In the eastern gateway were three gate chambers on one side and three on the other; the three were all the same size…” (Ezek 40:10), “There was a space in front of the gate chambers, one cubit on this side and one cubit on that side; the gate chambers were six cubits on this side and six cubits on that side.” (Ezek 40:12).

The six little chambers in the gate typify conditions of testing to be complied with, by all those on the plane of human perfection (actual or heart).

The six chambers in the outer east gate typify the testings, which have come to all the 144,000 after they have attained to the plane of heart perfection. By passing these tests (chambers) they have manifested to themselves, and also to God and to angels that they truly are at heart perfect, loyal and true.

The six chambers in the north and south outer court gates type similar tests which mankind will pass during the millennial age. The last manifesting test will come to them at the close of the 1,000 years. Rev 20:7, 8; F129, par. 1, last 4 lines E402, par. 1 D644, par. 1.

The six chambers in the north and south inner court gates, teach that the Great Company will yet have to pass certain tests which are designed to manifest their loyalty.  (1 Cor 3:15, G142, par. 8).

An important thought to consider, the porches coming before the six chambers in the inner court gates, rather than after as in the outer gates, type that the Great Company will receive tests after they have entered into the fullness of the perfect life on the spirit plane. Their contact with fallen humanity during the millennial age will afford abundant tests, which will serve only to manifest their perfection. (This may also apply to the Ancient Worthies prior to their being brought to the plane of spirit birthEzek 44:11. G141, par. 4; 334, par.1. 

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