The Great Pyramid, Part 1

The Great Pyramid, Part 1

To the Great, the Mighty God whose name is the LORD of hosts… great in counsel and mighty in work… who has set forth signs and wonders in the land of Egypt even unto this day… Jer 32:18-20

As Students of God’s Word it is only natural that we should find ourselves drawn to anything relative to the divine revelation which we believe in any way would lend aid to our faith and understanding of God’s plans and purposes toward us, thus it is with great interest that we find ourselves drawn to the Great Pyramid which many of us have come to understand is a collaborative testimony to the plan of God as it relates to both the Church and the world of mankind as reveal through the Holy Scriptures.

Pastor Russell once suggested that the purpose of its having been built wasto confirm (collaborate) the faith of his people at the end of the Gospel Age.” This of course implies that one’s faith has already been fully established upon the divine revelation, the written testimony.

The collaborative testimony which we receive from the Great Pyramid is NOT meant to be a substitute or replacement for our faith in the Word of God; it is simply a confirmation or witness to it. Thus it would only seems prudent that those who would have this additional confirmation of their faith should make an honest effort to see in just what way the Great Pyramid collaborates the divine testimony.

It will be noted that all four of the following items teach the plan of God, but each from its own unique perspective. The Great Pyramid is a scientific (or mathematical) instrument. The Tabernacle is a symbolic instrument. Ezekiel’s Temple is a literal instrument (but with spiritual lessons), and lastly The Book of Revelation is a spiritual instrument (but one which will, in the end have natural or literal effects upon mankind).” The Book of Exodus, Page 153

A good through study of each of these four resources will greatly aid ones overall understanding of the Divine Plan and purpose, each as seen from a different perspective, but nevertheless all in harmony one with another.

Now as to the Great Pyramid such a monumental study as this can appear a bit daunting at first, however like any other subject with a little applied effort and study it will soon reveal its hidden treasures, and so it is with this purpose in mind that we shall undertake this investigation together, I say together because although personally I have read the Tenth Chapter of Volume Three in the Studies in the Scriptures Series on the Great Pyramid, and this with great interest even as others here have yet still I have not taken the time to fully commit myself to a study of the Pyramid as thoroughly as I would have liked to, therefore in this presentation together we shall seek for understanding, and for that wisdom which comes from above in regards to this wondrous subject.

Now where shall we begin? Well for those already familiar with the Great Pyramid convinced of its divine purpose and institution the obvious answer is that we must first attempt to remove some of the various “stumbling blocks” which serve to inhibit others from considering a study of the Pyramid of any value to the true student of God’s Word.

The following are three specific points which we believe contribute to this stumbling.

1) The primary or chief of these stumbling points is the idea that the Great Pyramid has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity that it is nothing more than some Egyptian relic, temple or burial chamber used in connection with heathen worship and practices.

2) Another stumbling block one propagated through the vain imaginings of men, i.e. new age thought, and etc., is the idea that somehow the Pyramid has some kind of mystical power or occult significance, and

3) Lastly is the thought that the Great Pyramid is of Satan’s design intentionally set forth in order to stumble and lead away the true child of God from the truth provided for us in the Holy Scriptures, a position taken up by the former president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, Judge Rutherford.

With these various obstacles placed before them it is no wonder that the majority are deceived and disillusioned in regards to God’s “Stone Witness”, once again the Adversary working through his deluded servants has succeeded in discrediting and bringing into to ill reproof one of the LORD’s chosen vessels of truth. Thus it is that we must first prove that the Great Pyramid although originally built by fallible men (even as was the Tabernacle) was nevertheless of divine intention, and under divine supervision serving a divine purpose, and that its architect was none other than the LORD God Almighty, and that this is supported by the divine testimony as was expressed in our opening texts (Jer 32:18-20).

To the law and the testimony if they speak not according to this word there is no light in them.” (Isa 8:20)

Understand that in our presentation here on the Great Pyramid it is not our objective to convert the scoffer or the skeptic, their eyes are closed to the truth on these matters even as they are generally closed to the testimony of the Scriptures, such see only what they want to see, very little of which is truth. It is not yet time for the world (or the worldly wise) or for that matter the mere professing Christian, the un-consecrated to understand these things, to them the secrets of the Great Pyramid like most of the Scriptures are hidden, seal-up until the time appointed.


Many false theories are out there and so it is with great caution that the student of God’s Word should proceed especially in regards to anything suggested as of divine intention found outside the Holy Scriptures. We are told that “All Scripture is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction that the man of God may be thoroughly furnished…” (2 Tim 3:16, 17) thus the conclusion is that we have no need of anything outside the Scriptures, but what if by chance the Scriptures themselves point us to the testimony of an “outside witness” proclaiming it to be set forth as a “sign and a witness to the LORD (to his plans and purposes),” and this at a specific time, that is to say “in that day” (our day), “it will speak and will not lie” (Isa 19:19; Hab 2:3), would we then not be negligent if we should chose to disregard this witness?

Did not the same Scriptures point us to the “Faithful and wise Servant” the “Seventh Messenger” (Matt 24:45), and to his witness, and to his testimony as being likewise considered a “sign and a witness to the Lord”, “the sign” which would appear in the heavens (the ecclesiastical heavens) at the Parousia of our Lord (Matt 24:30), an “outside witness” who would likewise appear “in that day”? Have we not found it prudent to take heed to his testimony?

Merely because one of the LORD’s witnesses is composed of flesh and blood and the other of sand and stone does not detract in any way from their testimony, (Compare Luke 19:40) they are both chosen vessels of the LORD thus would it not be wise to heed their counsels, especially seeing as one of these two witnesses in his own testimony points us to the other witness.

Now in regards to Point one of our proposed stumbling blocks, there is no evidence whatsoever to support the idea that the Great Pyramid was ever built as a religious temple to honor or worship any of the various heathen gods, nor that it was ever used as a burial chamber. Bear in mind that we are speaking specifically here in regards to the Great Pyramid itself, NOT in regards to the other two pyramids adjunctive to the Great Pyramid or to any of the other lesser known pyramids found throughout the world. Now although it’s true that an open tomb was found in the “Kings Chamber” of the Great Pyramid no evidence was ever found to support the theory that it was ever used as a burial chamber.

As for Point two we will not waste time here disputing the various claims of those who dabble in superstition and occultism with regards to the so-called mystical powers of the Pyramid as there are plenty enough books and websites to be found to satisfy the curiosity of all who choose to be deceived in this direction, however we will say that no one thing has cause so much damage and or discredit to the testimony of the Great Pyramid as has this particular movement instigated no doubt by the Adversary.

You therefore beloved since you know this beforehand beware lest you also fall from your own steadfastness, being led away with the error of the wicked (those deceived by the doctrines of devils and the vain babblings of men).” 2 Pet 3:17; 1 Tim 4:1; 2 Tim 2:16

Lastly in respects to Point three that the Great Pyramid has some satanic origin we note the following,

Satan could not have been the designer of the Great Pyramid, for this monument contains many features corroborative of the Biblical plan of salvation, which could not have been known to the great adversary when the Pyramid was built over forty centuries ago. Very little investigation can easily prove this. For instance, when our Lord was asked by his disciples when the Kingdom of Israel would be restored, he replied: “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power” (Acts 1:7); and on a previous occasion he had declared: “Of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels which are in Heaven, neither the Son, but the Father alone.” (Mark 13:32).

Now, when we investigate the time-measurements of the Great Pyramid, we find that not only is the “Day of the Lord” indicated by them, but so too all the time-features or prophetic “days” mentioned by Daniel the Prophet are accurately marked. Daniel saw his visions, and wrote regarding these “Days,” about five and a half centuries before our Lord’s first advent, and about sixteen hundred years after the Great Pyramid was built; and he was commanded to “shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of end.” (Dan 12:4).

None would understand these matters until the “Time of the End” — that is, until the end of the Gospel Age. And yet we find that the Great Pyramid contains these time-features of Daniel, corroborating them by accurate measurements. If God did not reveal these features to Daniel until sixteen hundred years after the Pyramid was built, and if none were to know how to interpret them until many centuries afterwards, and even then only by those who are declared to be “wise” (that is wise in the knowledge of the Lord), how then could it be possible for Satan, that wicked one, to have known of them at the time the Pyramid was built? It is quite manifestly un-scriptural to make any such claim, seeing the heavenly Father had retained in his own power the times and seasons.

There are many other things, now seen to be incorporated in the symbolisms and dimensions of the Great Pyramid, which Satan could not possibly have known about when the building was erected, and about which he probably does not even yet know. For it is only those who have the spirit of the Lord who are taught of God — none others have the privilege of understanding the deep things of God.” (1929 Bible Students Reunion Convention Report, Page 64)

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