The Great Pyramid, Part 55

The Great Pyramid, Part 55

A Comparison between the Great Pyramid and the Tabernacle, continued

We hope to have shown by now how the two chambers of the Tabernacle the “Holy” and the “Most Holy” depict the spirit conditions of those who have entered into covenant relationship with the Father, a “covenant by sacrifice” (Psa 50:5), those who have chosen not only to sacrifice all present advantage, but most importantly to sacrifice their earthly or restitutional life rights secured to all through the ransom sacrifice of Christ. These life rights they gladly sacrifice that they might obtain a heavenly inheritance that they might be made partakers of a new nature, a spirit nature even the divine nature itself. But of course such realize that this reward is reserved only for those who make their calling and election sure; those who have been proven faithful even unto death, only such will enter the “Most Holy” condition and receive the crown of life, glory, honor and immortality.

With this in view we would now like to see how these same lessons are likewise taught by the upper most two chambers of the Great Pyramid, viz. the “Ante-Chamber” and the “Kings Chamber

Returning once again to (Individual number 5), after having carefully considered the cost of following in the Master’s footsteps he determines to forsake all and stoops down and enters the first low passage leading to the Kings Chamber.

“The stooping necessary to pass through this entrance passage, which is constructed entirely of limestone, represents the voluntary death of the human or earthly will, self-renunciation, but this alone is not sufficient.

Some upon giving up their own will accept that of another rather than God alone, for instance the will of the Pope. To these the Pope’s will becomes infallible, and they consent to believe and do whatever he commands, for others it is the will or decrees of a particular sect or denomination to which they may belong. Many mistakenly imagine they have made a consecration to the Lord when in fact what they actually did was make a consecration to an organization this and/or to a particular work or ministry in which the church may be involved, food bank, choir etc., etc. Personal growth and study generally take a back seat to these pursuits. This is not a true consecration to God. In fact the fact that you have any say in the matter as to what particular service or ministry you would enter is evidence that your will is not dead. Those who accept the high calling of God in Christ Jesus must not only deny themselves (deny their own personal will), but they must also bow (summit) to the will of the Lord, and his alone.

As GRANITE in the Great Pyramid represents things Divine, so the Granite Leaf represents the Divine Will, to which those who would enter the School of Christ (the Ante-Chamber) must bow submissively. Before they do this, although they are standing under a granite roof representing Divine oversight and protection, they are, nevertheless, still standing on LIMESTONE.

This symbolizes the fact that although they are justified through faith they are still nevertheless natural men, human beings, NOT YET BEGOTTEN TO THE SPIRIT NATURE.

They must first consent to the will of God and in so doing set themselves apart, sanctify or consecrate their justified humanity to God.

To sanctify is to set apart or separate to a special thing or use. God’s will is that all justified ones should be sanctified or set apart to his service as we read:

This is the will of God even your (the believers) sanctification.” 1 Thess 4:3.

There are two parts to sanctification–first ours, and secondly God’s.

As we have seen, God provides for our justification as men (through faith in Christ, the ransom sacrifice), and then calls us to set apart–sanctify–or consecrate to him that justified humanity. When we do, thus consecrate or give up our will, our time, talent, life and all we have and are to God, and ask him to take our little all and use it as seems to him good, and agree to let the will of God dwell in us richly–when we have done this we have done all that we can do; and here God who accepts of every such sacrifice, begins His part of the sanctification work. He begins to use this will resigned to his care and “to work in you both to will and to do” in harmony with his will. From that moment it is no longer you (the human) but “Christ in you.” Even the earthly body under the new controlling will (God’s) is used in His service and is thereby made holy.”

As soon as the individual comes to the decision to bow down to the will of God (as illustrated by individual number 6) passing beneath the Granite Leaf, they give evidence of their willingness to “lose their lives” for Christ’s sake, Christ then imputes to them a sufficiency of his merit to render their sacrifice holy and acceptable to God. Their justification then becomes complete (vitalized); and as such their sacrifice being now a living one, because entirely free from the Adamic condemnation, is at once accepted by the Lord. As the Apostle states, “there is, therefore, now no condemnation to them which are IN Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit” (Rom. 8: 1). They now are entered into the school of Christ (as depicted by individual number 7) there to be developed both in the graces and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, that they might be made copies of God’s dear Son and fitted for a position in the body of Christ.

The visitor to the Ante-Chamber who bows down under the Granite Leaf (likewise typified by passing beneath the “first vail” of the Tabernacle), steps for the first time on to granite; symbolizing that those who submit themselves to the will of God, have now risen from the plane of human justification to the plane of spirit-begetting. Henceforth God reckons them dead as human beings (Col. 3:3),—not dead in Adam, but dead in Christ,—and alive as spirit beings.

The first stone of this granite floor (upon which they step) is about a quarter of an inch higher than the limestone floor; and if a vertical line were drawn downward from its first or north edge, it would pass just beyond (south of) the Queen’s Chamber which symbolizes the perfect human condition. This is the spiritual divide which separates the natural man from the spiritual man, until this divide is passed, until one passes beneath the granite leaf typifying their consecration and surrender to the will of God, even though they be believers in Christ they are still only natural men, earthly, human.

Once an entrance has been gained into the Ante-Chamber proper, it is found that the level of its floor falls immediately to the level of the limestone floor and the Step outside, showing that although those who are spirit-begotten are now in possession of the spiritual mind, the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16), they have as yet undergone no change of nature as regards their bodies. They have received the Holy Spirit of promise as an earnest or pledge of their future spiritual inheritance (Eph. 1:13, 14), the Divine nature, but their bodies are still human. Nevertheless, as they are standing on granite, this shows that they are reckoned by God as partakers of the Divine nature, because they have presented their bodies a living sacrifice, and are striving to fulfill their vow of consecration. Above them is the granite roof, signifying that they are, even more than before, under Divine protection.

He that dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty “—Psa. 91:1.

The “Ante-Chamber” like that of the “Holy” represents the School of Christ where the spirit begotten are nurtured and developed from mere babes in Christ to full grown adult Christians. This however cannot take place in the schools of men, the church nominal due to the fact that there is little if any real spiritual food, “meat” in her, the best she has to offer is “milk” (some of the first principle doctrines of Christ), and even these she has polluted with the doctrines and precepts of men thus rendering the milk “sour”, for the most part indigestible to any true child of God.

We will continue with our next post.

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