Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 2

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 2

The Flood and Christ’s Baptism

“The reader will agree that Professor C. Piazzi Smyth’s opinion regarding the “basement – sheet” of the Descending Passage, that its present north-beginning was designed by the ancient Architect to form an integral part of the Pyramid’s symbolical system, receives strong support by the mathematical calculations presented in Section XXI. We are not surprised, therefore, to find that the important date of the flood is accurately indicated at this part of the Pyramid; for the Descending Passage appropriately represents the downward course of the

Present Evil World” which began when the “Old World” was destroyed by the waters of the deluge, and which will end in the fiery trouble symbolized by the Subterranean Chamber or Pit (2 Pet. 3:6, 7).

Professor C. Piazzi Smyth was the first to express the belief that the Entrance Passage must, by some method, commemorate the deluge; and in Vol. III of his Life and Work he shows by astronomical calculations, that the coincidence of certain stellar signs (Draconic and Aquarius) on the meridional line of the passage, points in a general way to the time of the flood. Professor Smyth confessed, however, that owing to the widely divergent opinions of accredited chronological authorities (whose findings he quotes), he was unable to decide on the exact date of the flood, and that his views must thus be taken as approximate only. We have stated the grounds for our confidence in the authenticity of the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament (Sec. IV); and from this we are enabled to fix the date as 2472 B.C.

The period of 1656 years from the creation of Adam to the flood, does not require much comment, for it is based upon the records of the original Hebrew Scriptures.” This is clearly shown in “The True Bible Chronology.

It might be asked: How is it possible to satisfactorily prove that the Entrance of the Pyramid was intended to indicate the flood-date? We hold that the wonderful fitness of the symbolical features of the Pyramid, and the exact harmonious co-relationship of all the time-measurements, are sufficient proofs of intention; even as we recognize that the beautiful harmony of the numerous time and other features of the Scriptures, is an evidence of pre-arrangement on the part of its Divine Author. When we find, therefore, that the commencement of the roof of the Descending Passage (or that part of the roof which is directly and squarely opposite the north-beginning of the “basement-sheet“) indicates the date of the flood in a number of important time- measurements, we are assured that this indication was specially designed by the great Master-Builder.

In Section XXII we draw attention to the chronological parallel between the flood and Christ’s baptism, which, according to the Apostle Peter (1 Pet. 3:20, 21) are related to one another as type and antitype. The parallel periods in this Scriptural time-feature (the diagram above) do not appear to be indicated in the Great Pyramid; but the complete period of years between the beginning of the typical flood, and the beginning of the antitypical outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is corroborated by a corresponding Pyramid time-measurement.

We have already proved that the date of Christ’s baptism is indicated by that point on the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor (the Plane of Human Perfection) which is vertically in line with the Grand Gallery north wall.

Now if we measure northward (29.9915 or 30 pyramid inches) from this point horizontally to the floor of the First Ascending Passage (See diagram above), then down the inclined floor-line (1510.008 pyramid inches) to the “Point of Intersection,” and from thence upward toward the Entrance of the Pyramid (961.904 pyramid inches), we shall find that the point on the floor of the Descending Passage which is vertically in line with the roof-commencement, indicates the date of the beginning of the flood, 2473¼ B.C.

Thus the Pyramid, like the Scriptures, indicates a connection between the flood, and the immersion with the Holy Spirit. (In this time-measurement the beginning of the flood is indicated, although the vertical “Flood-line,” shown in the accompanying diagrams, also indicates the date of the drying-up of the flood a year later—Compare Gen. 7:11, with 8:13, 14. The period from the beginning of the flood, to the baptism of Christ when the Holy Spirit first began to be poured out, is, therefore, a little under 2502 years (See Chart above). The precise total of Pyramid inches in the measurement detailed above, and as shown in the diagrams, is 2501.9045+. (See also footnote on page 55.)

The anointing of Jesus in Autumn of 29 A.D. was the beginning of the antitypical baptism of the Holy Spirit, which will ultimately “submerge” the whole world, as the Apostle intimated when he quoted Joel: “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh” (Acts 2:16-18). The fact that the date of Jesus’ baptism is indicated at the commencements of the Grand Gallery and Horizontal Passage, well illustrates Joel’s prophecy and the Apostle’s application of it, namely, that in “those days” of the Gospel Age, symbolized by the Grand Gallery, the Lord’s “servants and handmaidens” would have the Holy Spirit poured upon them; and that “afterwards” the “sons and daughters” of the Second Adam during the time of the New Covenant (symbolized by the Horizontal Passage to the Queen’s Chamber), would also have God’s Holy Spirit poured upon them.

This time-measurement, therefore, which connects the beginning of the Descending Passage with the beginning of the Horizontal Passage, contrasts Noah, the father of the “Present Evil World,” with Christ, the “Everlasting Father” of the “World to come, wherein righteousness dwells.”

NOTE: The measure of 23.362+ Pyramid inches shown in the diagram above, i.e., the floor-distance between the north edge of the Descending Passage “basement-sheet ” and the vertical “Flood-line,” is based upon the right-angled, transverse, height of the Descending Passage roof above the floor, in this case taken to be 47.2648 + Pyramid inches, and upon the correct theoretical downward angle of 26° 18′ 9″.7 for the passage. According to the measures of Professor C. Piazzi Smyth, as published in his Vol. II of Life and Work at the Great Pyramid, the transverse height of the Descending Passage is from 47.0928 +, to 47.2726 +, Pyramid inches.

In the First Ascending Passage just above the upper end of the Granite Plug, the mean transverse height of the roof above the floor is 47.2493 + Pyramid inches. We believe that slight variations in measure, within narrow limits, were intended, as we have found in other measured parts of the building.

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 137-140, par. 338-344)

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