Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 3

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 3

The first Adam’s 1000-yearday

“While the roof-commencement of the Descending Passage indicates the date of the flood, which inaugurated the “Present Evil World” (as noted in our previous post), Adam’sdayof condemnation, in which the world was started on its downward course to destruction, is indicated by the floor-commencement, i.e., the north edge of thebasement-sheet.” As we proceed with our consideration of the Pyramid’s symbolical time-measurements, we shall find that these two indications are consistently recognized throughout.

When God pronounced the sentence of condemnation against Adam, saying: “In the day that thou eats thereof, thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:17), we must not understand that the “day” referred to was one of 24 hours, for according to the record of Adam’s death, he had lived for 930 years. The harmony of the time-parallels given in Sections XX and XXIII warrants our claim that thisdayof condemnation was indeed a thousand years long (2 Pet. 3:8).

In consequence of Adam’s disobedience against the Divine command, the whole race of mankind has been born in sin, and all are condemned to die, as the Apostle says: “by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin: and so death passed upon all men” (Rom 5:12). In the symbolism of the Great Pyramid, the human race is represented as laboring down the steep Descending Passage on the way to the Pit of destruction, because of the condemnation passed upon their federal head on that “day” in which he sinned. The date of the end of this 1000-yearday is, therefore, appropriately indicated by the north edge of the basement-sheetin a number of time-measurements.

To understand the application of the present time-measurement, we must remember that, had Adam not disobeyed his Creator, the Bible would not have required to be written, nor the corroborating Pyramid to be built; for the Bible is a record of God’s plan for man’s redemption. In symbol, Adam and Eve are represented as standing on the solid rock enjoying the full uninterrupted light of heaven, having nothing between them and their Maker. Immediately after the transgression they were cast out of this light and entered the darkness of sin and death, represented by the dark Descending Passage in the interior of the Pyramid.

Toward the end of the “day” of condemnation Adam died; and his children, born in degradation and powerless to retrace their steps, had perforce to continue on the downward way. The lower they descended the darker became their path, until there was barely sufficient illumination to remind them of the great light and freedom once enjoyed by father Adam. When they passed the bend at the lower end of the passage, they lost even that little trace of light, and were compelled to go on in complete darkness till they fell into the Pit of death.

The Entrance to the downward passage is situated a considerable distance above the rock-base of the building. This distance was not fixed in a haphazard way by the Architect, as we have noticed in Section XXI (Post number 1), but was so arranged, that the period of Adam’s 1000-year “day” is indicated in the following way: by the measurement from the leveled rock-base up the inclined face of the casing to the ancient Entrance, then down the now missing portion of the Descending Passage to the north edge of the “basement-sheet.” (The total number of Pyramid inches in this measurement, as shown in the diagram, is 1000.1810+ Pyramid inches).

According to the statement of the Bible, the exact age of Adam at death was 930 years, or just 70 years short of the full 1000. This difference of 70 years is corroborated in the Pyramid by the difference between the two inclined heights of (1) the ancient floor-beginning, and (2) the north edge of thebasement-sheet,” of the Descending Passage above the natural rock-level. The second one of these two inclined heights is taken along a line which is exactly parallel to the first one, i.e., parallel to the casing-stone surface. The precise difference between these two inclined measures is 70.0917+ Pyramid inches. Thus the north edge of the “basement-sheet” marks both the end of Adam’s 1000-year “day” of condemnation, and the date of his actual death at 930.089 years of age (Gen. 5:5).

Great Pyramid Passages, Page 141-143, par. 345-351

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