Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 4

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 4

Adam’s fall from Perfection

“In the time-measurement just detailed (our previous post), Adam in his perfect state is represented as standing on the leveled rock, outside of the Pyramid. In the Pyramid itself the perfect human nature which Adam enjoyed before his transgression is particularly symbolized by the Queen’s Chamber, while thePlane of Human Perfectionin the general sense is represented by the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor (As seen in the diagram above).

Now we shall find, when considering the Pyramid’s corroboration of other phases of this feature of the Plan of God, that Adam is represented as created perfect on the Queen’s Chamber floor-level. In the meantime we draw attention to the fact that, the inclined distance from the levelled rock up to the ancient Entrance, 875¾ Pyramid inches is equal (nearly) to the direct vertical height of the Queen’s Chamber floor-level above the mean socket floor- level of the Pyramid, 875 Pyramid inches. (*)

This indicates, approximately, a connection between the Entrance where the downward course begins, and the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor, symbolical of the Plane of Human Perfection on which Adam stood before his fall.”

(*) The precise measures are: 875.7829+, and 875.0407 +, Pyramid inches respectively.

The First Adam

In his 5th Edition of Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid, Page 296, Professor C. Piazzi Smyth draws attention to the fourangularstones which lie conspicuously above the Entrance of the Pyramid. He demonstrates that their purpose was evidently to monumentalize the (Pi) angle of the sides of the building, viz.: 51° 51′ 14″.3 (Sec. II), but he does not suggest a reason why this dominant angle of the Pyramid should be particularly indicated at the Entrance. We suggest the following as being a possible symbolical reason:

The great “angular” stones preserve, by their inclination toward each other, the scientific pi angle of the Pyramid’s four sides. They thus seem to say, in figurative language, that at one time a perfect Pyramid stood here at the Entrance of the Descending Passage. The apex of the inside angle formed between the two sets of inclined stones (shown in the diagram below) is in line, nearly, with the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor (the 25th course of masonry), this perfect pyramid would represent Adam, who was created on the Plane of Human Perfection.

In the Scriptures, Jesus Christ is likened to the head corner- stone of a pyramid, of which the great stone Pyramid in Egypt is a symbol (Psa. 118:22 ; Matt. 21:42). It is therefore quite in accord with the Scriptures, and with the Pyramid’s corroborative symbolism’s, to liken Adam, who in certain aspects was a type of Christ, to a small perfect pyramid standing on the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor, immediately above the Entrance to the passage down which he afterwards is represented as falling in consequence of his disobedience. Now, the direct vertical distance between the north edge of the “basement-sheet” of the Descending Passage, and the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor, is exactly a 25th of the complete vertical height of the whole Pyramid. (This vertical distance is 232.5204+ Pyramid inches, and is an exact 25th part of the full Socket-to-apex vertical height of the building, 5813.0101 + Pyramid inches, as shown in the second diagram above).

We have seen that, in his fallen state, Adam is represented at the end of his 1000-year “day” of condemnation, standing at the north edge of the “basement-sheet.” Thus, the little pyramid, now reckoned as having fallen like Adam from the Queen’s Chamber floor-level down to the “basement-sheet,” its apex just touching the line above which symbolizes the Plane of Human Perfection, represents Adam at the full end of his 1000-year “day” losing all hold upon his at one-time perfect human state, and falling into the Descending Passage condition of death on his way to the “Pit”.

The fact that Adam is represented by a pyramid which is an exactly 25th the size of the Great Pyramid, may explain the reason for the Queen’s Chamber being situated at the 25th masonry course of the building. This seems to be the Pyramid’s method of corroborating the Scriptural declaration, that Adam was made in the image of his Creator, and that he was the earthly type of the Spiritual Adam (Rom. 5:14), Christ, who is symbolized by the whole Great Pyramid.

As the pyramid representing Adam is a 25th of the size of the whole Pyramid, it follows that the dimensions of the latter in cubits is exactly reproduced in inches in the little model; for a cubit equals 25 inches. The number of inches in the base-length of the little pyramid is 365.242, i.e., the same as the number of days in the solar year. The foregoing symbolical representation of Adam is supported by a number of time measurements.

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 144-147, par. 352-359)

We will continue once again with our next post.

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