Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 5

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 5

The second Adam’s 1000-year “day”

“We read that “death reigned from Adam to Moses” (Rom. 5:14); and that the law of Moses, although “ordained to life,” was found after all to be a way to death, owing to the weakness of the flesh (Rom. 7:10). When, however, Jesus Christ came at the end of the Law Dispensation and abolished death, and brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel (2 Tim. 1:10), the opportunity to “pass from death unto life” was then offered to all who would exercise the necessary faith (John 5:24).

But although the resurrection power has been working in the footstep followers of Christ (Rom. 6:4), the time of their real, in contradistinction to their reckoned, resurrection from the dead, when death shall have no more dominion over them, was unalterably fixed by God according to his set times and seasons. Thus, the Scriptural time-features show that, since the “day” when the First Adam brought death into the world, none could hope to pass from death unto life in the actual sense, till the inauguration of the Second Adam’s 1000-year “day” of regeneration.

We have seen in Section XVIII that very early in this glorious “day,” namely, in 1878 A.D., 3½ years after the return of the Second Adam, the members of the “Bride” class who fell asleep during the Gospel Age have received their resurrection change, and are now with their Lord waiting till the full number of the elect company are “caught up together” with them (1Thess 4:15-17), after this the general resurrection will begin, for Christ must reign till he has put all enemies tinder his feet, and the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death (1 Cor 15:22-26). The year 1878 A.D., therefore, was in the purposes of God the extreme time-limit for the absolute power of death over the world; for when “this mortal shall have put on immortality,  then shall be brought to  pass the saying that is written, `Death is swallowed up in victory.’ ”

NOTE: We will be examining more thoroughly some of the various time prophecies which the Great Pyramid collaborates, such as the foregoing concerning the time of the resurrection of the body of Christ, the First Resurrection, the times of the gentiles, etc., etc. as soon as we conclude our examination of the general time periods, viz. the date of the flood, Adam’s day, the beginning and end of the Jewish Age, the Gospel Age and etc. This is a bit different from how the Edgar brothers covered these subjects; however it is our belief that it would be best to establish some of the general time features just mentioned prior to proceeding to the study of the various time prophecies collaborated by the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid corroborates this Scriptural teaching, (viz. `Death is swallowed up in victory) by means of its symbolism’s and inch-year measures, by the longest possible symmetrical measurement between the outside Entrance and the lower mouth of the Well-shaft. We have demonstrated that the north edge of the Descending Passage “basement-sheet” marks the end of the First Adam’s 1000-year “day” of condemnation (in part 3 our study); and it has also been proved that the Well-shaft symbolizes the ransom-sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which means alone any can escape the Descending-Passage condition of condemnation to death brought upon the world through Adam’s sin.

The measurement from the north edge of thebasement-sheet,” first vertically down to the level of the bottom of the Well shaft, then horizontally southward to the center of the opening of the Well,* agrees with the long period of years during which the downward course of death has held absolute sway over the world, from the end of the First Adam’s 1000-yeardayof cursing, till 1878 A.D., when the death-state first began to beswallowed up in victorywith the raising of the followers of Christ, early in the Second Adam’s glorious 1000-yeardayof blessing.

From the end of Adam’s 1000-year “day” of condemnation, 3126¼ B.C., to the beginning of the “first resurrection,” when the body of the Christ rose from the sleep of death, 1877¼ A.D., is  5003½ years. The total measurement which represents this period in the Pyramid is 5003.8063+ Pyramid inches, which is barely a 3rd of an inch more than the exact requirement.

*Details and measures connected with the lower opening of the Well-shaft will be given later.

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 148, 149, par. 360-364)

The Old World

“The period from Adam’s creation, till the flood “dried up,” is proved by the genealogies in Genesis to have been 1656 years. Two years of this period were spent by Adam and Eve in a state of innocence before the fall, and thus the exact duration of the old “World of the ungodly,” was 1654 years (2 Pet. 2:5; 3:5, 6).

We have seen how Adam’s 1000-yeardayof condemnation is indicated by a measurement carried up the casing-stone surface of the Pyramid, from the leveled base-rock to the ancient Entrance, and from thence down the Descending Passage to the north edge of the “basement-sheet” (Part 3 of our study). The period now under consideration is 654 years longer, and the date of the end of it, i.e., the date of the flood, is already proved to be marked by a point on the Descending Passage floor (the vertical line of the roof- beginning) which is only about 23½ inches further down (as shown in the second diagram above).

How, then, is it possible for the duration of the Old World to be indicated?

 It is evident that if the already found flood date-mark is to be retained in this time-measurement, the date of the commencement of the period of 1654 years of the Old World must be sought for at some other point distant from the lower edge of the outer casing. This point is found to be on the same level as the foot of the casing, i.e., the upper level surface of the Platform, and exactly in the vertical line of the flood date-mark on the Descending Passage floor.

In other words, beginning from that point on the Platform level which is vertically in line with the flood date-mark on the Descending Passage floor (Sec. XXIV, Part 2 in our study), and measuring horizontally northward along the surface of the Platform to the lower front edge of the casing-stones, then up the inclined face of the casing to the ancient Entrance, and from thence down the Descending Passage floor to the point already proved as marking the date of the flood, we shall find that the total number of Pyramid inches agrees with the period of years of the Old World.

This period is from the fall of Adam, to the date of the drying up of the flood, 1654 years in all. The total number of Pyramid inches in the three straight lines spoken of above is 1654.0488+, as shown in the diagram below.)

It is in this peculiar way that the Great Pyramid corroborates the Scriptural records regarding the duration of the firstheavens and earth.” On consideration it will be recognized that this particular time-measurement could not be more convincingly indicated by any other method. It proves that all of the Pyramid on the north side of the vertical line of the Descending Passage roof-beginning, relates to the First Dispensation, while all on the south side relates to the Second Dispensation or presentheavens and earth.” The vertical line may therefore be appropriately denominated the “flood-line,” dividing the old “World of the ungodly,” from the “Present Evil World“.”

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 155, 156, par. 379-383)

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