Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 6

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 6

The Period of the World’s History before the Age of Israel

“Previous to their deliverance from Egyptian bondage, the twelve tribes of Israel had been in existence for 198 years; for Gen. 49:28 shows that it was at the death of its founder, Jacob or Israel, that this nucleus of the future Nation was formed. Therefore the Age of Israel properly began in the spring of, 1813 B.C.

In Section XVI (which we will cover later when we begin our look at some of the various prophecies associated with the pyramid) we noticed that the commencement of this Age of Israel is indicated at the “Point of Intersection,” where the First Ascending Passage branches upward from the Descending Passage. According to this the “Point of Intersection” should also be the termination of a time-measurement corresponding to the period of the Patriarchal Age, for Jacob was the last of the Patriarchs (Compare Nos. 2 and 6 on pages 24, 25, shown below).

The Great Pyramid does contain a time-measurement which approximately agrees, not, indeed, with the length of the Patriarchal Age, but with the period of the world’s history previous to the Age of Israel. The end of the first thousand years of this period, called Adam’sdayof condemnation, is marked by the north edge of the Descending Passage “basement- sheet” (Sec. XXV). The number of years from the end of Adam’s 1000-yeardaytill the Age of Israel began, is 1313½ (3126¼ B.C. minus 1812¾ B.C.). The longest possible symmetrical Pyramid-inch measurement of the upper reach of the Descending Passage approximates this period of years, agreeing to within about 6½ inches (See the diagram). This measurement is the sum of the vertical and horizontal distances between the two points which indicate the dates 3126 B.C. and 1813 B.C., and this sum is 1319.8424+ Pyramid inches.

To have made this, and the other approximate time-measurement referred to at the beginning of Section XLII (below), more nearly agree with the two periods mentioned, the upper reach of the Descending Passage would have required being shorter by the characteristic number of 5 inches. But this shorter length would interfere with the exactness and harmony of much more important time-measurements, some of which we have noticed. It is proper, therefore, that comparatively unimportant periods in the Bible chronology should be corroborated in the Pyramid by approximate measurements only. These approximations, at least, entirely disprove the authenticity of the long chronologies of the Samaritan and Septuagint versions of the Scriptures.”

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 218, 219, par. 578-581)

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