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Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 8

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 8

The End of the Second Dispensation

“According to the Scriptures, the end of the Second Dispensation is as clearly defined in the purposes of God, as was the end of the First when the flood swept away the old “world of the ungodly ” (2 Pet. 2:5). We have our Lord’s authoritative statement, that the suddenness which characterized the destruction of the First Dispensation, was likewise to attend the destruction of the Second (Luke 17:26-30; 1 Thess 5:2, 3; Rev. 18:10).

But the passing away of the Second “heavens and earth,” while it began with startling suddenness in the greatest war, amongst all the foremost nations of Christendom in 1914 A.D., the date which was foreknown and foretold by the Lord’s faithful watchers, takes longer to accomplish, because the antitype is greater than the type. That the “Great Time of Trouble” would begin after the lease of power to the “kingdoms of this world” had terminated in 1914 A.D., the end of the seven “times of the Gentiles,” was foreseen and commented upon by the Lord’s people at least ten years before 1914 A.D. For in the 1904 Watch Tower, page 198, the late C. T. Russell wrote:

“If, as we believe the Scriptures to teach, Gentile domination was provided for up to October [Autumn] 1914, it would seem but a reasonable interpretation that divine power for the overthrow of the kingdoms of this world would not be exercised to their dethronement until after the time allotted for their reign had ended—October 1914.”

In the Great Pyramid, the end of the First Dispensation (the blue area) is marked by the vertical line of the roof-commencement of the Descending Passage (The Vertical Flood-Line). We find that the abrupt termination of the Second Dispensation is also marked by a vertical line. You will note that south wall of the Grand Gallery, and the floor- terminal of the Small Horizontal Passage in the Pit, are practically in vertical alignment with each other.

The line of the Grand Gallery south wall, which indicates the date 1914 A.D. (Sec. XII “The Gospel Age”, which we will be looking at shortly), is only about quarter an inch north of the end of the Small Horizontal Passage floor (Or, more accurately according to the standard lengths of the passage-ways, and the correct angle of 26° 18′ 9″.7, the horizontal distance between the vertical line of the Grand Gallery’s south wall, and the floor-end of the Small Horizontal Passage, which floor-end juts into the Pit 5 inches from that chamber’s north wall, is . 2779+ of a Pyramid inch).

Thus, while the previous time-measurements (Sec. XXXII “The Present Evil World”) show that the floor-end of the Small Horizontal Passage in the Pit indicates the date 1874 A.D., when the preparation for the dissolution of the kingdoms of this world began, the present time-measurement allows us to regard the north wall of the Pit as, in the general sense, also indicating the date 1914-15 A.D., and thus enables other time-features of the Plan of God to be corroborated by the Pyramid.”  (Great Pyramid Passages Page 167, 168, par. 411-415)

Thus far we have found that the time features of the Great Pyramid fully collaborate the scriptures in regards to both the First and Second Dispensations, the “Old world” and this “Present Evil World”, as well as the first age of the second dispensation, the “Patriarch Age”, the age prior to the establishment of the nation of Israel or what is commonly referred to as the “Jewish Age”. As we had stated earlier in this study, we felt it best first to establish the various ages and dispensations before we began our look at the pyramids collaboration of any biblical prophecies. And so in our next several post we will move on to the “Jewish Age” or the Law Dispensation.

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 7

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 7

The “Present Evil World”

“Corroborative testimony regarding the Scriptural indication of the date when the “Present Evil World” legally ended (Gal. 1:4), is contained in the Great Pyramid by a number of time-measurements, some of which we have noticed. In addition to these, the Pyramid also confirms our understanding of the exact duration of the second “heavens and earth” which, as the Apostle Peter informs us, began after the old “heavens and earth” perished in the flood, and end in “fire” (2 Pet. 3:5-12). But after the fiery destruction we according to promise look for a new “heavens and earth” wherein dwells righteousness, and during which Satan, who is the “god of this world,” is bound that he may deceive the nations no more till the righteous reign of Christ is finished (2 Pet. 3:13; 2 Cor. 4:4; Rev. 20:1-3).

In the Great Pyramid thePresent Evil Worldis represented by the Descending Passage, while the great fire of trouble which terminates Satan’s rule is symbolized by the Subterranean Chamber or Pit (See “The Great Pyramid”, Parts 17 and 18).

Although, as we believe, the Scriptures point to 1914-1915 A.D. as the date when the “kingdoms of this world” were due to be destroyed, they show that the preparation for this destruction began in 1874 A.D., the date of our Lord’s return. When 1914 A.D. came the foretold destruction began, and many of the once proud kingdoms have been laid low, while others are bending to the will of the people, melting like wax (Psa. 97:1-5). But the crisis of the Great Time of Trouble has still to come, before the people will fully awake to the fact that a new order began in 1914 A.D.

The binding of Satan, thegod of this world,” began in 1874 A.D., when Christ descended from heaven with the “key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand” (Rev. 20:1-3). Satan, the “strong man of the house,” is resisting, but his opposition will prove unavailing, and by the time appointed he will be fully bound and cast into the “bottomless pit” (Matt. 12:25-29). Then all the nations whom he deceived by blinding deceptions, shall be liberated from the prison-house of death, through the way of escape which Christ’s ransom – sacrifice provided, symbolized in the Pyramid by the Well-shaft.

The duration of the “Present Evil World,” and the short period of preparation for its dissolution, 1874 to 1914 A.D. (See No. 2 above), are indicated in the Great Pyramid by the following time-measurement:

The vertical line of the roof-commencement of the Descending Passage marks the date of the flood, which is the beginning of the “Present Evil World“. Starting from this point (the large blue line), and measuring down the floor-line of the passage, then along the Small Horizontal Passage to the extremity of the floor (which juts into the Pit five inches), we find this terminal indicates 1874 A.D.

But if our measurement be produced downward in continuation of the angle of the Descending Passage, to the point which is vertically underneath the floor-terminal of the Small Horizontal Passage, the date 1914-1915 A.D. is here indicated. (The first-named measurement is 4346.8082 + Pyramid inches, corresponding to the years between the commencement of the flood in 2473 B.C., and Autumn of the year 1874 A.D., i.e., 4346¾ years in all. The extra length for the produced Descending Passage floor-line, to the point vertically below the terminal of the Small Horizontal Passage floor, as can be seen in the diagram, is 40.4687+ Pyramid inches. The end of this produced line, therefore, indicates the date 1914-1915 A.D.)

A further corroboration

To confirm our faith in this time-feature of the Scriptures, the Divine Architect provided another corroborative time-measurement in the Great Pyramid, which demonstrates that the Pit, the symbol of destruction, indicates the time of preparation from 1874 A.D. when the Lord came again, gathering the nations to pour upon them his fierce anger and fiery indignation (Zeph. 3:8), and 1914-1915 A.D. when, in the breaking-out of the great World War, this vengeance against Christendom began to run its appointed course (See Studies in the Scriptures, Vol. IV, pages 542-550).

This time-measurement, while coinciding with the one above, is distinct, and is therefore an added confirmation. In some respects we require greater aids for faith in things that are past, and which cannot as yet be demonstrated in a material way. It is still true “that the just shall walk by faith“; but the Lord grants us many proofs that our faith is a reasonable one. When Jesus was demanded of the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God should come, he answered: “The kingdom of God cometh not with outward show (outward observation)” Luke 17:20, 21. The Scriptures unite in their declaration that the second coming of Christ, his presence and assumption of Kingly authority in the inauguration of his Kingdom, would take place unknown to the world, but recognized and believed in by the Lord’s faithful children. The great stone “Sign” and “Witness” in the land of Egypt corroborates this teaching of the Bible.

In several time-measurements we have noticed that the north wall of the Grand Gallery marks the date of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Spring of 33 A.D. Starting from here, and measuring in Pyramid inch-years northward down the floor-line of the First Ascending Passage, we find that the “Point of Intersection” indicates the date, Autumn, 1512  B.C. Taking this definite point as the commencement of our time-measurement, and measuring down the Descending Passage to the lower extremity of the floor, and from thence, first, along the Small Horizontal Passage to the Pit, and second, down the produced floor-line of the Descending Passage to the vertical line of the Small Horizontal Passage floor-end, we find that these two terminals indicate, respectively, the dates 1874, and 1914-1915, A.D. (The number of Pyramid inches from the “Point of Intersection” downward to the terminal of the Small Horizontal Passage floor, 5 inches beyond the north wall of the Pit, is  3384.9041 +.  These Pyramid inches represent years, dating from Autumn of 1512 B.C., the date marked by the “Point of Intersection,” about 1543½ years previous to the date of our Lord’s crucifixion as marked by the north wall of the Grand Gallery. From Autumn of 1512 B.C. to Autumn of 1874 A.D. is a period of 3385 full years, which corresponds, practically, to the measurement of 3384.9041 + Pyramid inches given above. The 40.4687 + Pyramid inches extra length for the produced line of the Descending Passage floor, as shown in the diagram, gives the date 1914-1915 for the terminal of that line.)

Great Pyramid Passages Page 163-166, par. 403-415

Continued with next post.

The Second Advent, Part 11

The Second Advent, Part 11

“Many Christians today are waiting for Jesus’ coming. A similar class lived at the first advent that, nevertheless, when he had come, could not believe it. They received him not, but rejected and slew him, because he came not in accordance with their earthly ideas.

Similar earthly ideas blind the eyes of most Christians today. They, like the Jews, are looking for an earthly (fleshly) king, (and thus a visible appearance). It seems strange that they cannot realize that, since his resurrection, he is “the express image of the Father’s person” –“whom no man hath seen nor can see“–for “God is a Spirit,” (spiritual being) and “a spirit hath not flesh and bones.” As you cannot see an angel though present, unseen, without a miracle, why then is it so hard for some to imagine Jesus present, yet unseen?

The difficulty arises from the confused ideas held on the subject of animal (human) and spiritual bodies. “If there is an animal body, there is also a spiritual body,” says Paul (1 Cor. 15:44–Diaglott), and we wish that all could realize this. They are distinct and separate. You cannot have both at the same time; they belong to two different natures. The one body and nature is the earthly; the other, the heavenly, is promised to the over-comers; and the promise of it is properly called a “heavenly calling.” (Heb. 3:1.) We do know what the earthly is, while we do not know what a heavenly, or spiritual body, is. “It doth not yet appear what we shall be“–hence it must be very different from our present animal body. (1 Cor. 15:38-44; and 1 John 3:2.) Jesus and angels are spiritual beings, and it is by reason of the difference between their nature and ours that we cannot see them with our natural eyes unless they appear to us (manifest their presence by a miracle.).” R454

Natures Separate and Distinct

“The Bible indicates there can be no direct interaction between the divine and the human. The earthly creation is not compatible with the environs in which God dwells, as God told Moses, “Thou canst not see my face; for man shall not see me and live” (Exodus 33:20). This statement implies that the very nature of human beings precludes the literal seeing of God. This, of course, is beyond our understanding. Our experience is limited to our four dimensional cosmos (space plus time). The Creator of all things exists outside those dimensions.

God’s cosmos is spiritual where, apparently, there is no time. Otherwise how do we explain God having no beginning and no end? If there is no time, movement as we understand it in our physical cosmos, distance divided by time, has no meaning since it results in division by zero.

The promised return of God cannot be understood in a literal sense. It does not involve his movement in the physical cosmos nor any visual personal appearance. Rather, it speaks of his intervention in earthly affairs, the use of his Holy Spirit (Zech 4:6) to accomplish his purpose. This understanding of the “return” of God has a direct bearing on the “return” of Jesus, the Son, who is the “express image” of the Father (Heb 1:3). What is true for the Father is now true for the Son.”

As is per the usual with most beliefs the pendulum tends to swing a bit too far one way or another, as there are those who advocate an actual visible appearance of our returned Lord, whether in spirit or flesh so too there are those of the other extreme who claim that our Lord’s Second Advent does not involve his actual presence here on earth at all, but rather as was alluded to in the paragraph above, he simply intervenes in the affairs of earth, that is to say he turns his face or attention earthward to finish the work appointed. He himself remains in heaven sitting upon his throne even as the Father sits upon his throne, and from there he employs various agencies at his disposal whether human or angelic, animate or inanimate to accomplish the work.  

The scriptures however contradict this idea altogether, three of noteworthy are the following,

“Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence (face) of the Lord (GOD), and that He may send Jesus Christ, who was preached to you before, whom heaven must receive (retain) until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.” (Acts 3:19-21)

Here we have the Word of the Lord which clearly states that at the time appointed God will send his Son once more to accomplish his will.

“This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:11)

This “same Jesus” howbeit now highly exalted, (a spirit being of the very same nature as that of the Father) will come again in like manner as he left, quietly, secretly, without great show or fanfare known (seen) only by his faithful and watchful servants, but of prime importance here is the fact that he will come again.

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven, with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first; then we that are alive, that are left, shall together with them be caught up in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” (1 Thess 4:16, 17)

Here once again a physical appearance of the Lord is prophesied. Although this particular text uses highly figurative language it nevertheless depicts the Lord as descending from the heavens which heretofore had retained him until the appointed time. Here the last members of the body, the “feet of him” are joined with him in the air, not in heaven (at least not right away), but in the air, in the earth’s atmosphere.

Nevertheless when we think of our Lord, we should remind ourselves that the man Christ Jesus died some 2000 years ago. He was raised a divine being and that is how we should think of him.

“Yet a little while, and the world beholds (sees) me no more; but ye behold me: because I live, ye shall live also.”—John 14:19, ASV

“Wherefore we henceforth know no man after the flesh: even though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now we know him so no more.”—2 Cor 5:16, ASV

We must not allow the confused teachings of Christendom to befuddle our minds. We must remove from our thinking the totally inappropriate mental pictures we have as a result of all the false representations we have been exposed to (i.e. Renaissance paintings, movies, television shows and such). Jesus is divine, therefore he is like God. God is invisible and, as Paul declared to Timothy, “no man hath seen, nor can see [him]” (1Tim 6:16).

“No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared (interpreted, represented) him.”—John 1:18, ASV

“God is spirit; and those worshiping him must worship in spirit and truth.”—John 4:24, Diaglott

“And the Father that sent me, he hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his form (his spiritual body).”—John 5:37, ASV

Note very closely our Lords statement in this last scripture; you have never seen his form (his true spiritual nature).

“No man hath beheld God at any time.”—1 John 4:12, ASV

What is true of the Father is true of the glorified Son. Again, we have the lesson of John—”we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is” (1 John 3:2, KJV). To see Jesus, now a divine being, it is necessary to be “like him.” Only beings that are like Jesus will see him. This would rule out any physical manifestation on his part to the earthly creation. What is true for the glorified Jesus would also be true for the glorified Church.  (“The Return of Jesus Christ”, Page 2, 3)

The Church (all its members) when completed and glorified will never be seen by man again, but will, similar to the case with our Lord in the past when he represented the Father, so they shall be represented to mankind through various agencies, specifically the Ancient Worthies, and possibly by manifestations of members of the Great Company Class.
The Presence of the Lord

“We know of his presence, not by the light of human science, but by the light of God’s Word. We know of his presence, not as men recognizing a man, but as new creatures recognizing our Head, our Captain, and our Bridegroom. We see him not by human sight, but the eyes of our understanding, being opened and enlightened by the light of our lamp (the Word of God), we see him, whom we love and adore, present to test those who claim to be his, and to select his “faithful,” “undefiled,” “chaste virgin“–to “make up his jewels“: those who are accounted worthy to “follow the Lamb wheresoever he goes,” and to be his joint-heirs, glorified together with him “the Bride, the Lamb’s wife.” (Comp. Rev. 14:4, 5 and 21:9.)

He is present, not only to establish his kingdom and glorify his saints, but also to break in pieces and consume all earthly kingdoms, and to bind Satan by overthrowing his power. Thus he will liberate mankind–the Jew first and also the Gentile—and bless all the families of the earth. None, familiar with Scriptures, will question that this is the order of the Lord’s work as therein revealed. By a parable he showed that he would first reward his faithful ones, and then proceed to deal with the world.

In the establishment of his kingdom he first comes, secondly organizes his own kingdom, and third uses his kingdom power to overthrow evil and error and present kingdoms of earth, at the same time beginning the restitution of Israel as a first step in “the restitution of all things spoken.” But while this is plainly the Scriptural order of Christ’s work, and while we see Israel’s restitution commencing, and the nations on the brink of overthrow, while the nominal Church has been passing through the time of trial and testing, which is rapidly sifting out the true and ripe wheat, gathering the jewels– the virgin of Christ–yet many are hoping that Jesus will come soon.

Ye fools and blind,” can ye not discern his presence by these things transpiring all around you? These are the signs (the evidences, the indications) of the Son of man. They indicate that he has already come and has already commenced his work. Though the signs of the times add increased light, yet, by the light of the Word, we discerned his presence years before any of these outward signs corroborated its teachings.

Unlike the professing church who are falling prey to the deceptions spoken of by our Lord in Matt 24:25-27 who look to the sky with the natural eye or toward the desert or wilderness of Palestine, hoping for the fleshly return of our Lord or who seek in some mythical sense “in the secret chambers”, to catch a glimpse of his return, we prefer to rely upon a more sure source, the Word of God. We look not with the natural eye, but with the eye of faith, the eyes of our understanding having been enlightened. We have the more sure word of prophecy (surer than any outward sign), whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a lamp that shines in a dark place (this present evil world), until the day dawn. (2 Pet. 1:19.) R454

But concerning the times and the seasons (a.k.a. the Second Advent, the harvest, the destruction of the present order and etc.), brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night (Quietly, stealthily, and after it comes many for some time will not even know they are already in it). For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction (liken to the Day of Noah) comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. But YOU, brethren (those who are truly awake), are not in darkness (having taken heed to the more sure word of prophecy), so that this Day (the day of the Lord, the Second Advent) should overtake you as a thief.” (1 Thess 5:1-4)

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 6

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 6

The Period of the World’s History before the Age of Israel

“Previous to their deliverance from Egyptian bondage, the twelve tribes of Israel had been in existence for 198 years; for Gen. 49:28 shows that it was at the death of its founder, Jacob or Israel, that this nucleus of the future Nation was formed. Therefore the Age of Israel properly began in the spring of, 1813 B.C.

In Section XVI (which we will cover later when we begin our look at some of the various prophecies associated with the pyramid) we noticed that the commencement of this Age of Israel is indicated at the “Point of Intersection,” where the First Ascending Passage branches upward from the Descending Passage. According to this the “Point of Intersection” should also be the termination of a time-measurement corresponding to the period of the Patriarchal Age, for Jacob was the last of the Patriarchs (Compare Nos. 2 and 6 on pages 24, 25, shown below).

The Great Pyramid does contain a time-measurement which approximately agrees, not, indeed, with the length of the Patriarchal Age, but with the period of the world’s history previous to the Age of Israel. The end of the first thousand years of this period, called Adam’sdayof condemnation, is marked by the north edge of the Descending Passage “basement- sheet” (Sec. XXV). The number of years from the end of Adam’s 1000-yeardaytill the Age of Israel began, is 1313½ (3126¼ B.C. minus 1812¾ B.C.). The longest possible symmetrical Pyramid-inch measurement of the upper reach of the Descending Passage approximates this period of years, agreeing to within about 6½ inches (See the diagram). This measurement is the sum of the vertical and horizontal distances between the two points which indicate the dates 3126 B.C. and 1813 B.C., and this sum is 1319.8424+ Pyramid inches.

To have made this, and the other approximate time-measurement referred to at the beginning of Section XLII (below), more nearly agree with the two periods mentioned, the upper reach of the Descending Passage would have required being shorter by the characteristic number of 5 inches. But this shorter length would interfere with the exactness and harmony of much more important time-measurements, some of which we have noticed. It is proper, therefore, that comparatively unimportant periods in the Bible chronology should be corroborated in the Pyramid by approximate measurements only. These approximations, at least, entirely disprove the authenticity of the long chronologies of the Samaritan and Septuagint versions of the Scriptures.”

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 218, 219, par. 578-581)

Continued with next post.

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 5

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 5

The second Adam’s 1000-year “day”

“We read that “death reigned from Adam to Moses” (Rom. 5:14); and that the law of Moses, although “ordained to life,” was found after all to be a way to death, owing to the weakness of the flesh (Rom. 7:10). When, however, Jesus Christ came at the end of the Law Dispensation and abolished death, and brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel (2 Tim. 1:10), the opportunity to “pass from death unto life” was then offered to all who would exercise the necessary faith (John 5:24).

But although the resurrection power has been working in the footstep followers of Christ (Rom. 6:4), the time of their real, in contradistinction to their reckoned, resurrection from the dead, when death shall have no more dominion over them, was unalterably fixed by God according to his set times and seasons. Thus, the Scriptural time-features show that, since the “day” when the First Adam brought death into the world, none could hope to pass from death unto life in the actual sense, till the inauguration of the Second Adam’s 1000-year “day” of regeneration.

We have seen in Section XVIII that very early in this glorious “day,” namely, in 1878 A.D., 3½ years after the return of the Second Adam, the members of the “Bride” class who fell asleep during the Gospel Age have received their resurrection change, and are now with their Lord waiting till the full number of the elect company are “caught up together” with them (1Thess 4:15-17), after this the general resurrection will begin, for Christ must reign till he has put all enemies tinder his feet, and the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death (1 Cor 15:22-26). The year 1878 A.D., therefore, was in the purposes of God the extreme time-limit for the absolute power of death over the world; for when “this mortal shall have put on immortality,  then shall be brought to  pass the saying that is written, `Death is swallowed up in victory.’ ”

NOTE: We will be examining more thoroughly some of the various time prophecies which the Great Pyramid collaborates, such as the foregoing concerning the time of the resurrection of the body of Christ, the First Resurrection, the times of the gentiles, etc., etc. as soon as we conclude our examination of the general time periods, viz. the date of the flood, Adam’s day, the beginning and end of the Jewish Age, the Gospel Age and etc. This is a bit different from how the Edgar brothers covered these subjects; however it is our belief that it would be best to establish some of the general time features just mentioned prior to proceeding to the study of the various time prophecies collaborated by the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid corroborates this Scriptural teaching, (viz. `Death is swallowed up in victory) by means of its symbolism’s and inch-year measures, by the longest possible symmetrical measurement between the outside Entrance and the lower mouth of the Well-shaft. We have demonstrated that the north edge of the Descending Passage “basement-sheet” marks the end of the First Adam’s 1000-year “day” of condemnation (in part 3 our study); and it has also been proved that the Well-shaft symbolizes the ransom-sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which means alone any can escape the Descending-Passage condition of condemnation to death brought upon the world through Adam’s sin.

The measurement from the north edge of thebasement-sheet,” first vertically down to the level of the bottom of the Well shaft, then horizontally southward to the center of the opening of the Well,* agrees with the long period of years during which the downward course of death has held absolute sway over the world, from the end of the First Adam’s 1000-yeardayof cursing, till 1878 A.D., when the death-state first began to beswallowed up in victorywith the raising of the followers of Christ, early in the Second Adam’s glorious 1000-yeardayof blessing.

From the end of Adam’s 1000-year “day” of condemnation, 3126¼ B.C., to the beginning of the “first resurrection,” when the body of the Christ rose from the sleep of death, 1877¼ A.D., is  5003½ years. The total measurement which represents this period in the Pyramid is 5003.8063+ Pyramid inches, which is barely a 3rd of an inch more than the exact requirement.

*Details and measures connected with the lower opening of the Well-shaft will be given later.

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 148, 149, par. 360-364)

The Old World

“The period from Adam’s creation, till the flood “dried up,” is proved by the genealogies in Genesis to have been 1656 years. Two years of this period were spent by Adam and Eve in a state of innocence before the fall, and thus the exact duration of the old “World of the ungodly,” was 1654 years (2 Pet. 2:5; 3:5, 6).

We have seen how Adam’s 1000-yeardayof condemnation is indicated by a measurement carried up the casing-stone surface of the Pyramid, from the leveled base-rock to the ancient Entrance, and from thence down the Descending Passage to the north edge of the “basement-sheet” (Part 3 of our study). The period now under consideration is 654 years longer, and the date of the end of it, i.e., the date of the flood, is already proved to be marked by a point on the Descending Passage floor (the vertical line of the roof- beginning) which is only about 23½ inches further down (as shown in the second diagram above).

How, then, is it possible for the duration of the Old World to be indicated?

 It is evident that if the already found flood date-mark is to be retained in this time-measurement, the date of the commencement of the period of 1654 years of the Old World must be sought for at some other point distant from the lower edge of the outer casing. This point is found to be on the same level as the foot of the casing, i.e., the upper level surface of the Platform, and exactly in the vertical line of the flood date-mark on the Descending Passage floor.

In other words, beginning from that point on the Platform level which is vertically in line with the flood date-mark on the Descending Passage floor (Sec. XXIV, Part 2 in our study), and measuring horizontally northward along the surface of the Platform to the lower front edge of the casing-stones, then up the inclined face of the casing to the ancient Entrance, and from thence down the Descending Passage floor to the point already proved as marking the date of the flood, we shall find that the total number of Pyramid inches agrees with the period of years of the Old World.

This period is from the fall of Adam, to the date of the drying up of the flood, 1654 years in all. The total number of Pyramid inches in the three straight lines spoken of above is 1654.0488+, as shown in the diagram below.)

It is in this peculiar way that the Great Pyramid corroborates the Scriptural records regarding the duration of the firstheavens and earth.” On consideration it will be recognized that this particular time-measurement could not be more convincingly indicated by any other method. It proves that all of the Pyramid on the north side of the vertical line of the Descending Passage roof-beginning, relates to the First Dispensation, while all on the south side relates to the Second Dispensation or presentheavens and earth.” The vertical line may therefore be appropriately denominated the “flood-line,” dividing the old “World of the ungodly,” from the “Present Evil World“.”

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 155, 156, par. 379-383)

Continued with next post.

The Second Advent, Part 10

The Second Advent, Part 10

We will now examine scriptures which teach that that many in the Church, the Professing Church (the church nominal), as well as the True Church will, for a time, be ignorant of the Lord’s presence, AND of theharvest and the ending of this age, while he is actually present, and the harvest work in progress.

The closing verses of Matt. 24, from Verse 42 on, are very significant. In Verse 37 our Lord had shown that the world (as well as the professing church) would not know of the PAROUSIA (presence) of the Son of man; and now he cautions his professed disciples (the True Church) that, unless on their guard they too will be similarly in darkness relative to his parousia.

He says, “Watch, therefore; for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come [“erchomai ”–arrive].” If people were expecting a thief at a definite time, they would stay awake so as not to be taken unawares: so you should be ever awake, always ready, and always watching for the first evidence of my Parousia. In reply to your question, “WHEN shall these things be?” I merely tell you to watch and be ready, and when I arrive, when I am PRESENT, I will communicate the fact to all who are watching and faithful, and they only will have any right to know. All others (i.e. the professing church) should and must be in outer darkness, and must learn with and as the world– through trouble.

Who, THEN [in the “harvest”], is a faithful and wise servant, whom his Master shall make ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed that servant whom his Master on coming [“erchomai”–when he ARRIVES] shall find so doing. Verily, I say unto you, he shall make him ruler over all his goods“–all the vast storehouse of precious truth shall be opened to such faithful servants, to arm and supply and feed the entire household of faith.

But if the servant’s heart is not right, he will say, My master tarries [has NOT ARRIVED] and begins to smite [to oppose and contradict] his fellow servants [those who differ with him; those proclaiming the invisible presence of the Lord, that he HAS COME, is PRESENT], and to eat and drink with the drunkards [become intoxicated with the spirit of the world], the master of that servant will come [Greek, “heko”–WILL HAVE ARRIVED] in a day not expected, and in an hour in which that servant IS NOT AWARE, and will cut him off [from being one of the servants privileged to hand out meat in due season to the household of faith], and will appoint him instead his portion with the hypocrites. [Though not a hypocrite himself but a genuine servant, he must nevertheless, because unfaithful and overcharged, have his portion with the hypocrites in the perplexity and trouble coming upon Babylon.] “There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth [Sorrow and disappointment].”

The foregoing, carefully examined, clearly teaches us that in the end of this age there will be one class denying that the Lord IS PRESENT (not denying that he will come sometime, but that he has come), and smiting or harshly opposing those fellow servants who must therefore be teaching the opposite–that the Lord has come.

Which is the faithful, truthful servant, and which the one in error, is clearly stated by our Lord. The faithful one whom he finds giving seasonable “meat” will be exalted and given fuller stewardship over the storehouse of truth, with increased ability to bring it forth to the household, while the unfaithful one will be gradually separated and drawn into closer and closer sympathy with the mere professors (Nominal Christians) or hypocrites.

And note the fact that the unfaithful is thus cut off, or separated, at a time of which HE IS NOT AWAREin the harvest time–while his Lord is really PRESENT unknown to him, searching for and gathering his jewels. Matt. 13:30; Psa. 50:5; Mal. 3:17; Matt. 24:31

We particularize here, merely to show that, in answer to the question of the disciples about signs and evidences of his second PRESENCE, our Lord taught that neither the world nor the unfaithful servants (the professing church) would be aware of it, until the intense fire of trouble is at least commenced. And the faithful evidently will SEE HIM PRESENT merely by the eye of faith– through the Scriptures written aforetime for their learning, to be apprehended as they become due. Present truths on every subject are parts of “his goods” and treasures new and old which our Lord had laid up for us and now freely gives us. Matt. 24:45-47

While thus, by foretold indications, the Lord made ample preparation to enable the Church to recognize his presence when due, though they should not see him with the natural eye, he also carefully warned us against deceptions which should arise (Matt 24:24, compare 2 Thess 2:8)–deceptions which should appear so plausible as to deceive the very elect, if it were possible. But it is not possible, because all the elect give earnest heed to the warning, and studiously acquaint themselves (not only with the “manner” of his appearing, but likewise) with the foretold indications of his presence, and are watching for their fulfillment. Those otherwise minded are not of the elect class. Only the over-comers are to reign with the Lord.

Many of the deceptions, which were prophesied are already in existence, and are deceiving many. Most of those who are falling under these deceptions are of the Professing Church. The deceptions mentioned are designed with the intention of stumbling believers, the mere professing or nominal Christian, not non-believers, the heathen and etc.; the world could not stumble over that which they had no faith in in the first place. No! The only ones who could fall for these deceptions are professed believers. But, thank God, the elect are forewarned and forearmed, and shall neither be deceived nor disheartened. Though clouds and darkness (the impending great time of trouble) are round about him, they recognize his presence, and rejoice that their deliverance draws nigh.

The most prominent deceptions as alluded to in our previous posts are the following,

If any man should say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there [in any particular PLACE], believe it not. And if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert, go not forth: behold he is in the secret chambers, believe it not; for as [like] the bright shining sunlight, which gradually dawns upon and fills the earth, SO SHALL HIS PRESENCE BE. (Matt. 24:23, 26, 27) It will be manifested as foretold, by the dawning light of truth—truth on every subject, as we now see it so rapidly and gloriously unfolding. A few years more, and the Sun of righteousness will have fully risen with healing in its beams to bless and raise up the death-stricken world.

In view of the evidences presented thus far (Parts 1-9), concerning the “Manner of our Lords Second Advent”, we have no hesitation in announcing the heart-cheering intelligence, that the HARVEST of the Gospel age IS UPON US, and that THE MASTER IS AGAIN PRESENT AS THE CHIEF REAPER –(NOT IN THE FLESH), as in the Jewish harvest, but in power and great glory, as the “highly exalted,” divine Christ whose glorious body is now “the express image of the Father’s person,” though his glorious person is graciously veiled from human sight. He is inaugurating his reign of righteousness; his sickle of truth is separating; he is gathering together into oneness of heart and mind the ripe first-fruits of spiritual Israel; and soon that elect “body” complete shall rule and bless the world.

The time prophecies contained in the Bible indicate, that the harvest, and all its attendant events, are NOW chronologically due, and coming to pass as foretold. These time prophecies and all this particularity of instruction with reference to the manner and the attending circumstances of the Lord’s appearing were not given to alarm the world, nor to satisfy idle curiosity, nor to awaken a sleeping nominal church; but they were given in order that those who are not asleep, and not of the world, but who are awake, consecrated and faithful, and earnest students of their Father’s plan, may be informed of the significance of transpiring events, and not be in darkness on this subject as well as to all EVENTS IN NO OTHER WAY DISCERNIBLE WITH CERTAINTY–the harvest, the presence of the great Reaper, the threshing and sifting of the true wheat, the bundling and burning of the tares in the time of trouble, and etc.

Scoffing Foretold

The Apostle Peter describes how some of the unfaithful servants and hypocrites (of the professing church) will scoff DURING the PRESENCE of the Lord, even as they scoffed in the days of Noah. (2 Pet. 3:3, 4, 10, 12) Notice that the Apostle wrote to the Church and that the scoffers he describes are IN the nominal church and professedly interested in the Lord’s work and plan, and believers, therefore, that he will come some time.

The scoffing described is on the very subject here noticed, and such as we hear and shall hear from professed Christians, whenever the subject of the Lord’s presence and harvest work, etc., is presented. Christians generally, until they investigate the subject, have such ideas of literal manifestations of fire, trumpets, voices, etc., and of seeing the Lord descending through the air, a shining body of flesh, that when they hear of his INVISIBLE PRESENCE, without taking time to investigate a subject upon which they feel so sure, busied with worldly plans, and intoxicated with the spirit of the world, they will dismiss the matter quickly as unworthy of investigation, to their own loss.

It is to this class of professed Christians that the Apostle refers, saying,

In the last days [in the closing years of the Gospel age–in the “harvest”] shall come scoffers, walking after their own desires [plans, theories, etc.], asking, WHERE is the promise of his PRESENCE [parousia]? For ever since the fathers fell asleep (the Apostles), all things continue as at present from the beginning of creation.”

When referred to our Lord’s statement (Matt. 24:37-39; Luke 17:26) that in HIS DAYS, in the days of his PRESENCE, things would indeed continue as before; and that, as in Noah’s day, men would be eating, drinking, marrying, planting and building; and that, as then, the world would KNOW NOT of his presence, and read not the signs of the speedy and great changes just at hand, they are too busy to consider the testimony carefully, and only continue to scoff.

Ah! Says Peter; they forget the great change which occurred in the days of Noah; and then, under the symbol of fire, he describes the overwhelming flood of trouble which shall shortly overtake the whole world, utterly overthrowing all civil and ecclesiastical rule [the heavens] and melting the entire social fabric [the earth]–producing anarchy and social chaos until the new heavens [ruling powers– the Kingdom of God] shall be fully established, as well as a new earth [society organized on a new and better basis, of love, equality and righteousness]. The Apostle then reminds us (Verse 8) that this Day of the Lord’s PRESENCE, for which the Church has long hoped and looked, is a thousand-year day–the Millennium of Christ’s reign.

In Verse 10 he assures us that “the Day of the Lord will ARRIVE [Greek, “heko”] AS A THIEF[unobserved, quietly: it will be present, while some are scoffing and smiting those fellow-servants who declare the truth]. The Apostle then exhorts the saints to separateness from the world; that they be not swallowed up by politics, moneymaking, social and moral issues, and etc., but that they set their affections on higher things. He says, Seeing that in God’s plan present earthly conditions are only temporary and will soon give place to the better order, what manner of persons ought we to be, in respect to holy conduct and piety? –“LOOKING FOR THE PRESENCE [parousia] of the Day of God“–watching for the evidences (signs) to prove that it has come.

And, thanks be to God, his provision is so abundant that all those of piety, who are LOOKING for that day, will know of it before the full bursting forth of the fire of wrath.

Through Paul he assures us that none of the children of the light will be left in darkness, that that day should come upon them unawares. (1 Thess. 5:4)

What of you, have you been made aware of the Lord’s presence, are you one of the faithful servants proclaiming this truth, or are you one of the un-faithful servants scoffing and smiting your fellow servants who are proclaim this truth?

Hence, though we are already IN the day of the Lord’s PRESENCE, and in the beginning of the great fire of trouble, we see that it is even as shown us in symbol (Rev. 7:1,2)–the storm is held in check until the faithful servants of God are “sealed in their foreheads:” i.e., until such are given an intellectual appreciation of the TIME, PRESENCE, etc., which will not only comfort them, and shield them, but also be a MARK, seal or evidence of their son-ship, as indicated by our Lord when he promised that the holy Spirit should show to the faithful “things to COME.” (John 16:13)

Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knows not what his Lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.” (John 15:15)

Some take Peter’s statement literally, that “the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved and pass away with a great noise“; and also the Revelator’s description of the same events, by a very similar symbol, “The heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together.” It would seem, however, that one glance upward at the myriad gems of night shining through millions of miles of space, with nothing between to roll away, or to take fire, should be argument enough in one moment to convince such that they had erred in supposing these statements to be literal—should convince them that their expectation of a literal fulfillment is absurd in the extreme.

So, then, God veiled from mankind under figures of trumpets, voices, fire, etc., information (which was not for the worldly to know i.e. the worldly church, but only for the “little flock” of consecrated saints) regarding the harvest, the Lord’s presence, his spiritual kingdom, etc.; and yet he arranged them so that, in due time, they would speak clearly and emphatically to the class for whom he intended the information.

As at the first advent, so to a similar consecrated class it may now be said, in the time of the second advent–“Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God; but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables” –in figures and dark sayings–in order that, even though having the Bible before them, others than the consecrated may not really see and understand. Mark 4:11,12

The world is not ignorant of the unprecedented events and circumstances of the present time, and their increasing noteworthiness with every passing year; but not perceiving the grand outcome, these only fill their minds with dark forebodings of evil. As foretold, they are in fear, looking forward to those things that are coming on the earth; for already the powers of the heaven (the present ruling powers) are being shaken.” (B163-170)

With the hope that some of Gods TRUE CHILDREN, i.e. “those who have an ear to hear” have been awaken by this discussion.

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 4

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 4

Adam’s fall from Perfection

“In the time-measurement just detailed (our previous post), Adam in his perfect state is represented as standing on the leveled rock, outside of the Pyramid. In the Pyramid itself the perfect human nature which Adam enjoyed before his transgression is particularly symbolized by the Queen’s Chamber, while thePlane of Human Perfectionin the general sense is represented by the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor (As seen in the diagram above).

Now we shall find, when considering the Pyramid’s corroboration of other phases of this feature of the Plan of God, that Adam is represented as created perfect on the Queen’s Chamber floor-level. In the meantime we draw attention to the fact that, the inclined distance from the levelled rock up to the ancient Entrance, 875¾ Pyramid inches is equal (nearly) to the direct vertical height of the Queen’s Chamber floor-level above the mean socket floor- level of the Pyramid, 875 Pyramid inches. (*)

This indicates, approximately, a connection between the Entrance where the downward course begins, and the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor, symbolical of the Plane of Human Perfection on which Adam stood before his fall.”

(*) The precise measures are: 875.7829+, and 875.0407 +, Pyramid inches respectively.

The First Adam

In his 5th Edition of Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid, Page 296, Professor C. Piazzi Smyth draws attention to the fourangularstones which lie conspicuously above the Entrance of the Pyramid. He demonstrates that their purpose was evidently to monumentalize the (Pi) angle of the sides of the building, viz.: 51° 51′ 14″.3 (Sec. II), but he does not suggest a reason why this dominant angle of the Pyramid should be particularly indicated at the Entrance. We suggest the following as being a possible symbolical reason:

The great “angular” stones preserve, by their inclination toward each other, the scientific pi angle of the Pyramid’s four sides. They thus seem to say, in figurative language, that at one time a perfect Pyramid stood here at the Entrance of the Descending Passage. The apex of the inside angle formed between the two sets of inclined stones (shown in the diagram below) is in line, nearly, with the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor (the 25th course of masonry), this perfect pyramid would represent Adam, who was created on the Plane of Human Perfection.

In the Scriptures, Jesus Christ is likened to the head corner- stone of a pyramid, of which the great stone Pyramid in Egypt is a symbol (Psa. 118:22 ; Matt. 21:42). It is therefore quite in accord with the Scriptures, and with the Pyramid’s corroborative symbolism’s, to liken Adam, who in certain aspects was a type of Christ, to a small perfect pyramid standing on the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor, immediately above the Entrance to the passage down which he afterwards is represented as falling in consequence of his disobedience. Now, the direct vertical distance between the north edge of the “basement-sheet” of the Descending Passage, and the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor, is exactly a 25th of the complete vertical height of the whole Pyramid. (This vertical distance is 232.5204+ Pyramid inches, and is an exact 25th part of the full Socket-to-apex vertical height of the building, 5813.0101 + Pyramid inches, as shown in the second diagram above).

We have seen that, in his fallen state, Adam is represented at the end of his 1000-year “day” of condemnation, standing at the north edge of the “basement-sheet.” Thus, the little pyramid, now reckoned as having fallen like Adam from the Queen’s Chamber floor-level down to the “basement-sheet,” its apex just touching the line above which symbolizes the Plane of Human Perfection, represents Adam at the full end of his 1000-year “day” losing all hold upon his at one-time perfect human state, and falling into the Descending Passage condition of death on his way to the “Pit”.

The fact that Adam is represented by a pyramid which is an exactly 25th the size of the Great Pyramid, may explain the reason for the Queen’s Chamber being situated at the 25th masonry course of the building. This seems to be the Pyramid’s method of corroborating the Scriptural declaration, that Adam was made in the image of his Creator, and that he was the earthly type of the Spiritual Adam (Rom. 5:14), Christ, who is symbolized by the whole Great Pyramid.

As the pyramid representing Adam is a 25th of the size of the whole Pyramid, it follows that the dimensions of the latter in cubits is exactly reproduced in inches in the little model; for a cubit equals 25 inches. The number of inches in the base-length of the little pyramid is 365.242, i.e., the same as the number of days in the solar year. The foregoing symbolical representation of Adam is supported by a number of time measurements.

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 144-147, par. 352-359)

We will continue once again with our next post.

The Second Advent, Part 9

The Second Advent, Part 9

Our Lord’s Parousia in the Harvest

“The Greek is a very exact language: a fact, which greatly enhances its value in giving exact expression to truth. Thus, for instance, in our common English Bibles, the word COME is used to translate thirty-two Greek words, each of which has a fine shade of difference. Instances:

Ephistemi” signifies to overtake, as in Luke 21:34–“COME upon [overtake] you unawares“;

Sunerchomai” signifies to gather or come together, as in 1 Cor. 11:18–“COME together in the church“;

Proserchomai” signifies to approach, or come toward, as in Heb. 4:16–“Let us therefore COME [approach] boldly“;

Heko” signifies to arrive, or have come, or came, as when the action of coming is completed, as in John 2:4 –“Mine hour is not yet COME [arrived]“;

Enistemi” signifies to be present, and is so translated, except in two instances where it should be so rendered: 2 Tim. 3:1–“Perilous times SHALL COME“–be present; and 2 Thess. 2:2–“That the day of Christ IS AT HAND“–present.

Parousia”, too, signifies presence, and should never be translated coming, as in the common English Bible, where it is twice rendered properly, PRESENCE. (2 Cor. 10:10; Phil. 2:12)

The “Emphatic Diaglott” (containing the original Greek text), a very valuable translation of the New Testament, renders Parousia properly, PRESENCE, in almost every occurrence of the word.

The two Greek words,hekoandparousia”, and their use in the New Testament, are what we desire to notice at present, and particularly the latter of these; because a correct appreciation of their significance sheds light upon the manner of our Lord’s return, through passages in which they occur, while the common but erroneous translation beclouds the very point it should illuminate. *

*The word Parousia occurs twenty-four times in the Greek Testament, and is only twice in the English common version (2 Cor. 10:10; Phil. 2:12) correctly translated PRESENCE. The other occurrences, in which it is mistranslated COMING, are as follows: (Matt. 24:3,27,37,39; 1 Cor. 15:23; 16:17; 2 Cor. 7:6,7; Phil. 1:26; 1 Thess. 2:19; 3:13; 4:15; 5:23; 2 Thess. 2:1,8,9; James 5:7,8; 2 Pet. 1:16; 3:4,12; 1 John 2:28).

With the correct thought as to the meaning of Parousia in mind–not that of COMING, as being on the way, but PRESENCE, as after arrival–let us examine some passages in which the word is used. And from these we will learn that PRESENCE does not necessarily imply sight, but that it is applicable also to things present but unseen. Thus, for instance, angels, spirit beings, can be present with us, yet unseen, as our Lord was present in the world and often with the disciples during the forty days after his resurrection, without being seen of the world, or by his disciples except on the few brief occasions already referred to. Those days were days of his Parousia (presence), as much as the preceding thirty-three and a half years had been.

In the conversation previous to the question of Matt. 24:3, our Lord had foretold the destruction of the temple and the rejection of Israel after the flesh until a time when they would gladly recognize him as their Messiah and say, “Blessed is he.” He had told his disciples that he would go away, and come again and receive them unto himself. He called their day the “harvest,” or end of that age, and he had told them of a future “harvest” at the time of his second coming. (Matt. 9:37, 38; 13:39, 40)

Doubtless remembering that few recognized him as the Christ at his first advent, they wanted to know HOW he might be surely recognized at his second advent–expecting probably that his second advent would occur in their day. Hence their inquiry,

What shall be the sign [the indication] of thy PAROUSIA [presence] and of the end of the age?

Because of their disposition to mix the closing events of the Jewish age, or harvest, in which they already were, with the then futureharvest,” or end of the Gospel dispensation, our Lord gave quite a detailed account of events which must intervene, indicating a lapse of a considerable period between, yet giving no clear idea of its length; for even he did not then know how long it would be. (Mark 13:32)

Our Lord’s reply in (Verses 1 to 14) covers the entire Gospel age; and his words in (Verses 15 to 22) have a double application –literally to the close of the Jewish age, and figuratively to the end of this Gospel age, of which the Jewish age was a shadow. (Verses 23-26) contain words of warning against false Christ’s, and in (Verse 27) he reaches their question regarding his Parousia, and declares [properly translated],

As the bright shining [the sunlight] cometh out of the east and shines even unto the west, so shall the PAROUSIA [the presence] of the Son of man be.”

The sunlight becomes present instantly, yet noiselessly; and it is first discerned by those who are first awake.

Leaving other intermediate features of our Lord’s discourse for examination in their appropriate place, we note his second reference to their question regarding his Parousia in (Verses 37 and 39). He says,

As the days of Noah, so shall also the PAROUSIA [presence] of the Son of man be.”

Notice that the comparison is not between the COMING of Noah and the COMING of our Lord, nor between the COMING of the flood and the COMING of our Lord. The COMING of Noah is not referred to at all; neither is the COMING of our Lord referred to; for, as already stated, Parousia does not mean COMING, but PRESENCE.

The contrast, then, is between the time of the presence of Noah among the people “BEFORE the flood,” and the time of the presence of Christ in the world, at his second advent, BEFORE the fire–the extreme trouble of the Day of the Lord with which this age ends.

And though the people were wicked in Noah’s day, BEFORE the flood, and will be wicked in the time of our Lord’s presence, BEFORE the hot fire of trouble comes upon them, yet THIS IS NOT the point of comparison or likeness to which our Lord refers; for wickedness has abounded in every age. The point of comparison is stated clearly, and is readily seen if we read critically: The people, except the members of Noah’s family, were IGNORANT of the coming storm and UNBELIEVING as to the testimony of Noah and his family, and hence they “KNEW NOT“; and this is the point of comparison.

SO shall also the PRESENCE of the Son of man be. None but those of the family of God will believe here: others will “know not,” until society, as at present organized, begins to melt with the fervent heat of the time of trouble now impending. This is illustrated by the words, “As in the days that were BEFORE the flood, they were eating, drinking and marrying [Luke (17:28) adds “planting and building“], until the day Noah entered into the ark, and knew not, so shall also the PAROUSIA [the presence] of the Son of man be.”

In the time of the PRESENCE of the Son of man, therefore, the world will go on with its eating, drinking, planting, building and marrying –not mentioned as sinful doings, but as indicative of their IGNORANCE OF HIS PRESENCE, and of the trouble that will prevail in the world.

This, then, is our Lord’s answer to the question of the disciples–What shall be the sign [indication] of thy [PAROUSIA] presence and of the end or harvest of the age? In substance, he says:

There will be no sign for the worldly masses (or for the professing church, the church nominal); they will not know of my presence and the new dispensational changes. Only the few will know, and they will be taught of God (in a way not here explained) before there is any SIGN (indication), which the worldly could discern.

Luke’s account of this same discourse (Luke 17:26-29), though not in the same words, is in perfect accord. Luke does not use the word Parousia, but he expresses this exact thought, saying:

As it was IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, so shall it be also IN THE DAYS OF THE SON OF MAN“–in the days of his PRESENCE. Not before his days, not after his days, but IN (DURING) his days, the world will be eating, drinking, marrying, buying, selling, planting and building.

These scriptures, then, clearly teach that our Lord will be PRESENT in the end of this age, entirely unknown to the world, and unseen by them.

Though there shall never be another flood to destroy the earth (Gen. 9:11), it is written that the whole earth shall be devoured with the fire of God’s jealousy (Zeph. 3:8)–not the literal, physical earth in either case, but the existing order of things in both cases: in the first instance accomplished by drowning all the people except Noah’s family; in the last, by burning all except the family of God in the symbolic firethe great trouble of the Day of the Lord.

The faithful children of God shall be counted worthy to escape all those things coming on the earth (Luke 21:36): not necessarily by being taken away from the earth, but possibly by being rendered fire-proof (in the symbolic sense), as in the typical illustration of the three Hebrews who walked in the midst of the fiery furnace heated seven times, on whose garments, even, was not the smell of fire; because one like unto the Son of God was present with them. Dan. 3:19-25 (B158-162)

In our next post we will examine scriptures which teach that many in the Church, theProfessing Church as well as theTrue Churchwill, for a time, be ignorant of the Lord’s presence, AND of theharvestand the ending of this age, while he is actually present, and the harvest work in progress.

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 3

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 3

The first Adam’s 1000-yearday

“While the roof-commencement of the Descending Passage indicates the date of the flood, which inaugurated the “Present Evil World” (as noted in our previous post), Adam’sdayof condemnation, in which the world was started on its downward course to destruction, is indicated by the floor-commencement, i.e., the north edge of thebasement-sheet.” As we proceed with our consideration of the Pyramid’s symbolical time-measurements, we shall find that these two indications are consistently recognized throughout.

When God pronounced the sentence of condemnation against Adam, saying: “In the day that thou eats thereof, thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:17), we must not understand that the “day” referred to was one of 24 hours, for according to the record of Adam’s death, he had lived for 930 years. The harmony of the time-parallels given in Sections XX and XXIII warrants our claim that thisdayof condemnation was indeed a thousand years long (2 Pet. 3:8).

In consequence of Adam’s disobedience against the Divine command, the whole race of mankind has been born in sin, and all are condemned to die, as the Apostle says: “by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin: and so death passed upon all men” (Rom 5:12). In the symbolism of the Great Pyramid, the human race is represented as laboring down the steep Descending Passage on the way to the Pit of destruction, because of the condemnation passed upon their federal head on that “day” in which he sinned. The date of the end of this 1000-yearday is, therefore, appropriately indicated by the north edge of the basement-sheetin a number of time-measurements.

To understand the application of the present time-measurement, we must remember that, had Adam not disobeyed his Creator, the Bible would not have required to be written, nor the corroborating Pyramid to be built; for the Bible is a record of God’s plan for man’s redemption. In symbol, Adam and Eve are represented as standing on the solid rock enjoying the full uninterrupted light of heaven, having nothing between them and their Maker. Immediately after the transgression they were cast out of this light and entered the darkness of sin and death, represented by the dark Descending Passage in the interior of the Pyramid.

Toward the end of the “day” of condemnation Adam died; and his children, born in degradation and powerless to retrace their steps, had perforce to continue on the downward way. The lower they descended the darker became their path, until there was barely sufficient illumination to remind them of the great light and freedom once enjoyed by father Adam. When they passed the bend at the lower end of the passage, they lost even that little trace of light, and were compelled to go on in complete darkness till they fell into the Pit of death.

The Entrance to the downward passage is situated a considerable distance above the rock-base of the building. This distance was not fixed in a haphazard way by the Architect, as we have noticed in Section XXI (Post number 1), but was so arranged, that the period of Adam’s 1000-year “day” is indicated in the following way: by the measurement from the leveled rock-base up the inclined face of the casing to the ancient Entrance, then down the now missing portion of the Descending Passage to the north edge of the “basement-sheet.” (The total number of Pyramid inches in this measurement, as shown in the diagram, is 1000.1810+ Pyramid inches).

According to the statement of the Bible, the exact age of Adam at death was 930 years, or just 70 years short of the full 1000. This difference of 70 years is corroborated in the Pyramid by the difference between the two inclined heights of (1) the ancient floor-beginning, and (2) the north edge of thebasement-sheet,” of the Descending Passage above the natural rock-level. The second one of these two inclined heights is taken along a line which is exactly parallel to the first one, i.e., parallel to the casing-stone surface. The precise difference between these two inclined measures is 70.0917+ Pyramid inches. Thus the north edge of the “basement-sheet” marks both the end of Adam’s 1000-year “day” of condemnation, and the date of his actual death at 930.089 years of age (Gen. 5:5).

Great Pyramid Passages, Page 141-143, par. 345-351

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The Second Advent, Part 8

The Second Advent, Part 8

In Like Manner

What, now, is taught by the statement of the angel at the time of our Lord’s departure–Acts 1:11–“This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven shall so come, in like manner, as ye have seen him go into heaven?

A careful examination of this text will manifest its harmony with the foregoing. Many seem to think the passage reads, as you SEE the Lord ascend into heaven, so, in like manner, you shall SEE him come again. Such should read it again and again, until they note the fact that it does not say that those who saw him go will SEE him come, nor that any one else will SEE him come. What it does say is that the MANNER of his coming will be LIKE the MANNER of his going.

What, then, was the manner of his going? Was it with great splendor, and with great demonstration? Was it with trumpet sound and voices and a great shout rending the air, and the Lord’s person shining in supernatural glory and brightness?

If so, we should expect his coming again to be “in like manner.” On the other hand, was it not as quietly and secretly as was possible, consistent with his purpose of having thoroughly convinced witnesses of the fact? None saw him, or knew of the fact, except his faithful followers.

His statement (John 14:19), “Yet a little while and the world sees me no more,” has never yet been disproved; for none but the brethren saw even his manifestations after his resurrection, and no others witnessed his ascension.

And in LIKE MANNER as he went away (quietly, secretly, so far as the world was concerned, and unknown except to his followers), so too, in LIKE MANNER, he comes again. And as when he went away he lifted up his hands and blessed them, so, when he comes again, it is that their joy may be full, as he said: “I will come again, and receive you unto myself “; “I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man takes from you.” Luke 24:50, 51; John 14:3; 16:22

The angel seemed also to give special emphasis to the fact that the coming again would be the coming of this very “same Jesus“–the same one who left the glory which he had with the Father before the world was, and became man– became poor that we might be made rich; the same Jesus that died on Calvary; the same Jesus that arose a quickening spirit the third day; the same Jesus that had manifested his change during the forty days–This same Jesus now ascended upon high. Yes, it is the same Jesus who has experienced two changes of nature–first from spirit to human, and then from human to divine. These changes of nature have not destroyed his individuality. His identity was preserved, as the angel thus assures us, whether the philosophy of that fact be understood or not; and though we shall know him no more after the flesh (as a man), but should remember his exaltation, that he is now of the divine, spiritual nature, and should anticipate his coming in harmony with this change and exaltation, yet we may remember that he is the same loving Jesus, and not changed in this respect.

It is “this same Jesus,” who, though present forty days after his resurrection, was seen of the disciples only, and by them but briefly, who in his second presence will be as invisible to the world as during the forty days preceding his ascension. We must remember that he does not come to give himself as a sacrifice, and hence that he has no further use for a human body prepared for sacrifice. (Heb. 10:5) That is all over now: he dies no more, but now comes to rule and bless and uplift the redeemed race.

Our Lord furnished us a most beautiful illustration of the manner in which his presence will be revealed, when he said, “As the bright-shining emerges from the east, and illuminates even unto the west, so will be the PRESENCE of the Son of man.” (Matt. 24:27)

That most translations of this verse are faulty in using the word lightning, where sunlight is meant, is evident; for lightning flashes do not come out of the east and shine unto the west. They just as frequently come from other quarters, and rarely, if ever, flash clear across the heavens. The Lord’s illustration, and the only one which will comport with his words, is the sun’s brightness, which does invariably emerge from the east and shine even unto the west. The Greek word “astrape”, here used, is thus shown to be improperly translated in this text, and also in the account of the same words by Luke (17:24). Another instance of the use of this word “astrape” by our Lord is found in Luke 11:36, where it applies to the brightness of a candle, and in the common version is rendered “bright-shining.”

Incorrect ideas of the manner of our Lord’s coming and revealing, firmly fixed in the minds of translators, led them into this error of translating “astrape” by the word “lightning.” They supposed that he would be revealed suddenly, like a flash of lightning, and not gradually, like the dawning sunlight. But how beautiful is the figure of sunrise, as illustrating the gradual dawning of truth and blessing in the day of his presence. The Lord associates the over-comers with himself in this figure, saying, “Then shall the righteous shine forth as the Sun in the Kingdom of their Father.” And the Prophet, using the same figure, says, “The Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his beams.” The dawning is gradual, but finally the full, clear brightness shall thoroughly banish the darkness of evil, ignorance, superstition and sin.

An imperfect translation of the word “parousia” has further tended to obscure the sense of this passage. In the Emphatic Diaglott and in Professor Young’s translation it is rendered PRESENCE; in Rotherham’s it is ARRIVAL; while in the common version it is rendered COMING.

And though the text of the Revised Version retains this last erroneous rendering–coming— yet in the marginal reading it acknowledgesPRESENCEto be the true definition of the Greek.

The Greek word “parousia” (Strong’s # 3952), invariably signifies personal presence, as having come, having arrived; and it should never be understood as signifying to be on the way, as the English word coming is generally used. The text under consideration therefore teaches that as the SUNLIGHT gradually dawns, so shall the PRESENCE of the Son of man be gradually manifested or revealed.

Together with this illustration, our Lord coupled words of caution to guard us against certain errors, which would be advanced about the time of his second advent, calculated to lead his Church astray.

Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore, if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the bright shining [sun] cometh out of the east and [gradually] shines even unto the west so shall be the PRESENCE of the Son of man.” Matt 24:25-27

Thus does our Lord put us on guard against TWO ERRORS RAPIDLY GROWING IN OUR DAY.

One is the claim that our Lord will come in the flesh, in the wilderness or desert of Palestine; and, so believing, many have gone thither, and are waiting to see Jesus in the flesh. Expecting him as he was, and not “as he is,” they seriously err, and blind themselves to the truth, as did the Jews at the first advent. These false expectations lead this class to interpret literally the statement of the prophet (Zech. 14:4), “His feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives,” etc. Blinded by false expectations, they do not see that the “feet” in this passage are figurative, as truly as in Psa. 91:12; Isa. 52:7; Psa. 8:6; 110:1; Eph. 6:15; Deut. 33:3; and in many other passages. If they knew WHAT to expect, they would know not to go to Jerusalem (or for that matter anywhere) to look (with their literal eyes) for THE MAN Christ Jesus; for the highly exalted king comes as the sunlight, making his Presence and influence felt the world over. Wherefore, “Go not forth.”

The other error,

If they shall say, Behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.” SPIRITUALISM, ever ready to deceive by counterfeits, and ever ready to use advanced truths as a garment of light (2 Cor. 11:13, 14), has not hesitated to claim that we are in a period of dispensational change, the dawning of a glorious age. Among other such things, some of them even teach that Christ is present, and, we doubt not, ere long they will give séances at which time they will claim to show him in the SECRET CHAMBERS.

Should the error present itself in this form, or any other, let us remember our Lord’s words and repudiate all such claims as false, knowing that not thus will he reveal his presence, but “as the sunlight,” emerging gradually–” the Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his beams.” (B153-158)

Once again we will continue shortly.