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Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 8

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 8

The End of the Second Dispensation

“According to the Scriptures, the end of the Second Dispensation is as clearly defined in the purposes of God, as was the end of the First when the flood swept away the old “world of the ungodly ” (2 Pet. 2:5). We have our Lord’s authoritative statement, that the suddenness which characterized the destruction of the First Dispensation, was likewise to attend the destruction of the Second (Luke 17:26-30; 1 Thess 5:2, 3; Rev. 18:10).

But the passing away of the Second “heavens and earth,” while it began with startling suddenness in the greatest war, amongst all the foremost nations of Christendom in 1914 A.D., the date which was foreknown and foretold by the Lord’s faithful watchers, takes longer to accomplish, because the antitype is greater than the type. That the “Great Time of Trouble” would begin after the lease of power to the “kingdoms of this world” had terminated in 1914 A.D., the end of the seven “times of the Gentiles,” was foreseen and commented upon by the Lord’s people at least ten years before 1914 A.D. For in the 1904 Watch Tower, page 198, the late C. T. Russell wrote:

“If, as we believe the Scriptures to teach, Gentile domination was provided for up to October [Autumn] 1914, it would seem but a reasonable interpretation that divine power for the overthrow of the kingdoms of this world would not be exercised to their dethronement until after the time allotted for their reign had ended—October 1914.”

In the Great Pyramid, the end of the First Dispensation (the blue area) is marked by the vertical line of the roof-commencement of the Descending Passage (The Vertical Flood-Line). We find that the abrupt termination of the Second Dispensation is also marked by a vertical line. You will note that south wall of the Grand Gallery, and the floor- terminal of the Small Horizontal Passage in the Pit, are practically in vertical alignment with each other.

The line of the Grand Gallery south wall, which indicates the date 1914 A.D. (Sec. XII “The Gospel Age”, which we will be looking at shortly), is only about quarter an inch north of the end of the Small Horizontal Passage floor (Or, more accurately according to the standard lengths of the passage-ways, and the correct angle of 26° 18′ 9″.7, the horizontal distance between the vertical line of the Grand Gallery’s south wall, and the floor-end of the Small Horizontal Passage, which floor-end juts into the Pit 5 inches from that chamber’s north wall, is . 2779+ of a Pyramid inch).

Thus, while the previous time-measurements (Sec. XXXII “The Present Evil World”) show that the floor-end of the Small Horizontal Passage in the Pit indicates the date 1874 A.D., when the preparation for the dissolution of the kingdoms of this world began, the present time-measurement allows us to regard the north wall of the Pit as, in the general sense, also indicating the date 1914-15 A.D., and thus enables other time-features of the Plan of God to be corroborated by the Pyramid.”  (Great Pyramid Passages Page 167, 168, par. 411-415)

Thus far we have found that the time features of the Great Pyramid fully collaborate the scriptures in regards to both the First and Second Dispensations, the “Old world” and this “Present Evil World”, as well as the first age of the second dispensation, the “Patriarch Age”, the age prior to the establishment of the nation of Israel or what is commonly referred to as the “Jewish Age”. As we had stated earlier in this study, we felt it best first to establish the various ages and dispensations before we began our look at the pyramids collaboration of any biblical prophecies. And so in our next several post we will move on to the “Jewish Age” or the Law Dispensation.

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 7

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 7

The “Present Evil World”

“Corroborative testimony regarding the Scriptural indication of the date when the “Present Evil World” legally ended (Gal. 1:4), is contained in the Great Pyramid by a number of time-measurements, some of which we have noticed. In addition to these, the Pyramid also confirms our understanding of the exact duration of the second “heavens and earth” which, as the Apostle Peter informs us, began after the old “heavens and earth” perished in the flood, and end in “fire” (2 Pet. 3:5-12). But after the fiery destruction we according to promise look for a new “heavens and earth” wherein dwells righteousness, and during which Satan, who is the “god of this world,” is bound that he may deceive the nations no more till the righteous reign of Christ is finished (2 Pet. 3:13; 2 Cor. 4:4; Rev. 20:1-3).

In the Great Pyramid thePresent Evil Worldis represented by the Descending Passage, while the great fire of trouble which terminates Satan’s rule is symbolized by the Subterranean Chamber or Pit (See “The Great Pyramid”, Parts 17 and 18).

Although, as we believe, the Scriptures point to 1914-1915 A.D. as the date when the “kingdoms of this world” were due to be destroyed, they show that the preparation for this destruction began in 1874 A.D., the date of our Lord’s return. When 1914 A.D. came the foretold destruction began, and many of the once proud kingdoms have been laid low, while others are bending to the will of the people, melting like wax (Psa. 97:1-5). But the crisis of the Great Time of Trouble has still to come, before the people will fully awake to the fact that a new order began in 1914 A.D.

The binding of Satan, thegod of this world,” began in 1874 A.D., when Christ descended from heaven with the “key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand” (Rev. 20:1-3). Satan, the “strong man of the house,” is resisting, but his opposition will prove unavailing, and by the time appointed he will be fully bound and cast into the “bottomless pit” (Matt. 12:25-29). Then all the nations whom he deceived by blinding deceptions, shall be liberated from the prison-house of death, through the way of escape which Christ’s ransom – sacrifice provided, symbolized in the Pyramid by the Well-shaft.

The duration of the “Present Evil World,” and the short period of preparation for its dissolution, 1874 to 1914 A.D. (See No. 2 above), are indicated in the Great Pyramid by the following time-measurement:

The vertical line of the roof-commencement of the Descending Passage marks the date of the flood, which is the beginning of the “Present Evil World“. Starting from this point (the large blue line), and measuring down the floor-line of the passage, then along the Small Horizontal Passage to the extremity of the floor (which juts into the Pit five inches), we find this terminal indicates 1874 A.D.

But if our measurement be produced downward in continuation of the angle of the Descending Passage, to the point which is vertically underneath the floor-terminal of the Small Horizontal Passage, the date 1914-1915 A.D. is here indicated. (The first-named measurement is 4346.8082 + Pyramid inches, corresponding to the years between the commencement of the flood in 2473 B.C., and Autumn of the year 1874 A.D., i.e., 4346¾ years in all. The extra length for the produced Descending Passage floor-line, to the point vertically below the terminal of the Small Horizontal Passage floor, as can be seen in the diagram, is 40.4687+ Pyramid inches. The end of this produced line, therefore, indicates the date 1914-1915 A.D.)

A further corroboration

To confirm our faith in this time-feature of the Scriptures, the Divine Architect provided another corroborative time-measurement in the Great Pyramid, which demonstrates that the Pit, the symbol of destruction, indicates the time of preparation from 1874 A.D. when the Lord came again, gathering the nations to pour upon them his fierce anger and fiery indignation (Zeph. 3:8), and 1914-1915 A.D. when, in the breaking-out of the great World War, this vengeance against Christendom began to run its appointed course (See Studies in the Scriptures, Vol. IV, pages 542-550).

This time-measurement, while coinciding with the one above, is distinct, and is therefore an added confirmation. In some respects we require greater aids for faith in things that are past, and which cannot as yet be demonstrated in a material way. It is still true “that the just shall walk by faith“; but the Lord grants us many proofs that our faith is a reasonable one. When Jesus was demanded of the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God should come, he answered: “The kingdom of God cometh not with outward show (outward observation)” Luke 17:20, 21. The Scriptures unite in their declaration that the second coming of Christ, his presence and assumption of Kingly authority in the inauguration of his Kingdom, would take place unknown to the world, but recognized and believed in by the Lord’s faithful children. The great stone “Sign” and “Witness” in the land of Egypt corroborates this teaching of the Bible.

In several time-measurements we have noticed that the north wall of the Grand Gallery marks the date of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Spring of 33 A.D. Starting from here, and measuring in Pyramid inch-years northward down the floor-line of the First Ascending Passage, we find that the “Point of Intersection” indicates the date, Autumn, 1512  B.C. Taking this definite point as the commencement of our time-measurement, and measuring down the Descending Passage to the lower extremity of the floor, and from thence, first, along the Small Horizontal Passage to the Pit, and second, down the produced floor-line of the Descending Passage to the vertical line of the Small Horizontal Passage floor-end, we find that these two terminals indicate, respectively, the dates 1874, and 1914-1915, A.D. (The number of Pyramid inches from the “Point of Intersection” downward to the terminal of the Small Horizontal Passage floor, 5 inches beyond the north wall of the Pit, is  3384.9041 +.  These Pyramid inches represent years, dating from Autumn of 1512 B.C., the date marked by the “Point of Intersection,” about 1543½ years previous to the date of our Lord’s crucifixion as marked by the north wall of the Grand Gallery. From Autumn of 1512 B.C. to Autumn of 1874 A.D. is a period of 3385 full years, which corresponds, practically, to the measurement of 3384.9041 + Pyramid inches given above. The 40.4687 + Pyramid inches extra length for the produced line of the Descending Passage floor, as shown in the diagram, gives the date 1914-1915 for the terminal of that line.)

Great Pyramid Passages Page 163-166, par. 403-415

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Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 6

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 6

The Period of the World’s History before the Age of Israel

“Previous to their deliverance from Egyptian bondage, the twelve tribes of Israel had been in existence for 198 years; for Gen. 49:28 shows that it was at the death of its founder, Jacob or Israel, that this nucleus of the future Nation was formed. Therefore the Age of Israel properly began in the spring of, 1813 B.C.

In Section XVI (which we will cover later when we begin our look at some of the various prophecies associated with the pyramid) we noticed that the commencement of this Age of Israel is indicated at the “Point of Intersection,” where the First Ascending Passage branches upward from the Descending Passage. According to this the “Point of Intersection” should also be the termination of a time-measurement corresponding to the period of the Patriarchal Age, for Jacob was the last of the Patriarchs (Compare Nos. 2 and 6 on pages 24, 25, shown below).

The Great Pyramid does contain a time-measurement which approximately agrees, not, indeed, with the length of the Patriarchal Age, but with the period of the world’s history previous to the Age of Israel. The end of the first thousand years of this period, called Adam’sdayof condemnation, is marked by the north edge of the Descending Passage “basement- sheet” (Sec. XXV). The number of years from the end of Adam’s 1000-yeardaytill the Age of Israel began, is 1313½ (3126¼ B.C. minus 1812¾ B.C.). The longest possible symmetrical Pyramid-inch measurement of the upper reach of the Descending Passage approximates this period of years, agreeing to within about 6½ inches (See the diagram). This measurement is the sum of the vertical and horizontal distances between the two points which indicate the dates 3126 B.C. and 1813 B.C., and this sum is 1319.8424+ Pyramid inches.

To have made this, and the other approximate time-measurement referred to at the beginning of Section XLII (below), more nearly agree with the two periods mentioned, the upper reach of the Descending Passage would have required being shorter by the characteristic number of 5 inches. But this shorter length would interfere with the exactness and harmony of much more important time-measurements, some of which we have noticed. It is proper, therefore, that comparatively unimportant periods in the Bible chronology should be corroborated in the Pyramid by approximate measurements only. These approximations, at least, entirely disprove the authenticity of the long chronologies of the Samaritan and Septuagint versions of the Scriptures.”

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 218, 219, par. 578-581)

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Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 5

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 5

The second Adam’s 1000-year “day”

“We read that “death reigned from Adam to Moses” (Rom. 5:14); and that the law of Moses, although “ordained to life,” was found after all to be a way to death, owing to the weakness of the flesh (Rom. 7:10). When, however, Jesus Christ came at the end of the Law Dispensation and abolished death, and brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel (2 Tim. 1:10), the opportunity to “pass from death unto life” was then offered to all who would exercise the necessary faith (John 5:24).

But although the resurrection power has been working in the footstep followers of Christ (Rom. 6:4), the time of their real, in contradistinction to their reckoned, resurrection from the dead, when death shall have no more dominion over them, was unalterably fixed by God according to his set times and seasons. Thus, the Scriptural time-features show that, since the “day” when the First Adam brought death into the world, none could hope to pass from death unto life in the actual sense, till the inauguration of the Second Adam’s 1000-year “day” of regeneration.

We have seen in Section XVIII that very early in this glorious “day,” namely, in 1878 A.D., 3½ years after the return of the Second Adam, the members of the “Bride” class who fell asleep during the Gospel Age have received their resurrection change, and are now with their Lord waiting till the full number of the elect company are “caught up together” with them (1Thess 4:15-17), after this the general resurrection will begin, for Christ must reign till he has put all enemies tinder his feet, and the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death (1 Cor 15:22-26). The year 1878 A.D., therefore, was in the purposes of God the extreme time-limit for the absolute power of death over the world; for when “this mortal shall have put on immortality,  then shall be brought to  pass the saying that is written, `Death is swallowed up in victory.’ ”

NOTE: We will be examining more thoroughly some of the various time prophecies which the Great Pyramid collaborates, such as the foregoing concerning the time of the resurrection of the body of Christ, the First Resurrection, the times of the gentiles, etc., etc. as soon as we conclude our examination of the general time periods, viz. the date of the flood, Adam’s day, the beginning and end of the Jewish Age, the Gospel Age and etc. This is a bit different from how the Edgar brothers covered these subjects; however it is our belief that it would be best to establish some of the general time features just mentioned prior to proceeding to the study of the various time prophecies collaborated by the Great Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid corroborates this Scriptural teaching, (viz. `Death is swallowed up in victory) by means of its symbolism’s and inch-year measures, by the longest possible symmetrical measurement between the outside Entrance and the lower mouth of the Well-shaft. We have demonstrated that the north edge of the Descending Passage “basement-sheet” marks the end of the First Adam’s 1000-year “day” of condemnation (in part 3 our study); and it has also been proved that the Well-shaft symbolizes the ransom-sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which means alone any can escape the Descending-Passage condition of condemnation to death brought upon the world through Adam’s sin.

The measurement from the north edge of thebasement-sheet,” first vertically down to the level of the bottom of the Well shaft, then horizontally southward to the center of the opening of the Well,* agrees with the long period of years during which the downward course of death has held absolute sway over the world, from the end of the First Adam’s 1000-yeardayof cursing, till 1878 A.D., when the death-state first began to beswallowed up in victorywith the raising of the followers of Christ, early in the Second Adam’s glorious 1000-yeardayof blessing.

From the end of Adam’s 1000-year “day” of condemnation, 3126¼ B.C., to the beginning of the “first resurrection,” when the body of the Christ rose from the sleep of death, 1877¼ A.D., is  5003½ years. The total measurement which represents this period in the Pyramid is 5003.8063+ Pyramid inches, which is barely a 3rd of an inch more than the exact requirement.

*Details and measures connected with the lower opening of the Well-shaft will be given later.

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 148, 149, par. 360-364)

The Old World

“The period from Adam’s creation, till the flood “dried up,” is proved by the genealogies in Genesis to have been 1656 years. Two years of this period were spent by Adam and Eve in a state of innocence before the fall, and thus the exact duration of the old “World of the ungodly,” was 1654 years (2 Pet. 2:5; 3:5, 6).

We have seen how Adam’s 1000-yeardayof condemnation is indicated by a measurement carried up the casing-stone surface of the Pyramid, from the leveled base-rock to the ancient Entrance, and from thence down the Descending Passage to the north edge of the “basement-sheet” (Part 3 of our study). The period now under consideration is 654 years longer, and the date of the end of it, i.e., the date of the flood, is already proved to be marked by a point on the Descending Passage floor (the vertical line of the roof- beginning) which is only about 23½ inches further down (as shown in the second diagram above).

How, then, is it possible for the duration of the Old World to be indicated?

 It is evident that if the already found flood date-mark is to be retained in this time-measurement, the date of the commencement of the period of 1654 years of the Old World must be sought for at some other point distant from the lower edge of the outer casing. This point is found to be on the same level as the foot of the casing, i.e., the upper level surface of the Platform, and exactly in the vertical line of the flood date-mark on the Descending Passage floor.

In other words, beginning from that point on the Platform level which is vertically in line with the flood date-mark on the Descending Passage floor (Sec. XXIV, Part 2 in our study), and measuring horizontally northward along the surface of the Platform to the lower front edge of the casing-stones, then up the inclined face of the casing to the ancient Entrance, and from thence down the Descending Passage floor to the point already proved as marking the date of the flood, we shall find that the total number of Pyramid inches agrees with the period of years of the Old World.

This period is from the fall of Adam, to the date of the drying up of the flood, 1654 years in all. The total number of Pyramid inches in the three straight lines spoken of above is 1654.0488+, as shown in the diagram below.)

It is in this peculiar way that the Great Pyramid corroborates the Scriptural records regarding the duration of the firstheavens and earth.” On consideration it will be recognized that this particular time-measurement could not be more convincingly indicated by any other method. It proves that all of the Pyramid on the north side of the vertical line of the Descending Passage roof-beginning, relates to the First Dispensation, while all on the south side relates to the Second Dispensation or presentheavens and earth.” The vertical line may therefore be appropriately denominated the “flood-line,” dividing the old “World of the ungodly,” from the “Present Evil World“.”

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 155, 156, par. 379-383)

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Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 4

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 4

Adam’s fall from Perfection

“In the time-measurement just detailed (our previous post), Adam in his perfect state is represented as standing on the leveled rock, outside of the Pyramid. In the Pyramid itself the perfect human nature which Adam enjoyed before his transgression is particularly symbolized by the Queen’s Chamber, while thePlane of Human Perfectionin the general sense is represented by the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor (As seen in the diagram above).

Now we shall find, when considering the Pyramid’s corroboration of other phases of this feature of the Plan of God, that Adam is represented as created perfect on the Queen’s Chamber floor-level. In the meantime we draw attention to the fact that, the inclined distance from the levelled rock up to the ancient Entrance, 875¾ Pyramid inches is equal (nearly) to the direct vertical height of the Queen’s Chamber floor-level above the mean socket floor- level of the Pyramid, 875 Pyramid inches. (*)

This indicates, approximately, a connection between the Entrance where the downward course begins, and the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor, symbolical of the Plane of Human Perfection on which Adam stood before his fall.”

(*) The precise measures are: 875.7829+, and 875.0407 +, Pyramid inches respectively.

The First Adam

In his 5th Edition of Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid, Page 296, Professor C. Piazzi Smyth draws attention to the fourangularstones which lie conspicuously above the Entrance of the Pyramid. He demonstrates that their purpose was evidently to monumentalize the (Pi) angle of the sides of the building, viz.: 51° 51′ 14″.3 (Sec. II), but he does not suggest a reason why this dominant angle of the Pyramid should be particularly indicated at the Entrance. We suggest the following as being a possible symbolical reason:

The great “angular” stones preserve, by their inclination toward each other, the scientific pi angle of the Pyramid’s four sides. They thus seem to say, in figurative language, that at one time a perfect Pyramid stood here at the Entrance of the Descending Passage. The apex of the inside angle formed between the two sets of inclined stones (shown in the diagram below) is in line, nearly, with the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor (the 25th course of masonry), this perfect pyramid would represent Adam, who was created on the Plane of Human Perfection.

In the Scriptures, Jesus Christ is likened to the head corner- stone of a pyramid, of which the great stone Pyramid in Egypt is a symbol (Psa. 118:22 ; Matt. 21:42). It is therefore quite in accord with the Scriptures, and with the Pyramid’s corroborative symbolism’s, to liken Adam, who in certain aspects was a type of Christ, to a small perfect pyramid standing on the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor, immediately above the Entrance to the passage down which he afterwards is represented as falling in consequence of his disobedience. Now, the direct vertical distance between the north edge of the “basement-sheet” of the Descending Passage, and the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor, is exactly a 25th of the complete vertical height of the whole Pyramid. (This vertical distance is 232.5204+ Pyramid inches, and is an exact 25th part of the full Socket-to-apex vertical height of the building, 5813.0101 + Pyramid inches, as shown in the second diagram above).

We have seen that, in his fallen state, Adam is represented at the end of his 1000-year “day” of condemnation, standing at the north edge of the “basement-sheet.” Thus, the little pyramid, now reckoned as having fallen like Adam from the Queen’s Chamber floor-level down to the “basement-sheet,” its apex just touching the line above which symbolizes the Plane of Human Perfection, represents Adam at the full end of his 1000-year “day” losing all hold upon his at one-time perfect human state, and falling into the Descending Passage condition of death on his way to the “Pit”.

The fact that Adam is represented by a pyramid which is an exactly 25th the size of the Great Pyramid, may explain the reason for the Queen’s Chamber being situated at the 25th masonry course of the building. This seems to be the Pyramid’s method of corroborating the Scriptural declaration, that Adam was made in the image of his Creator, and that he was the earthly type of the Spiritual Adam (Rom. 5:14), Christ, who is symbolized by the whole Great Pyramid.

As the pyramid representing Adam is a 25th of the size of the whole Pyramid, it follows that the dimensions of the latter in cubits is exactly reproduced in inches in the little model; for a cubit equals 25 inches. The number of inches in the base-length of the little pyramid is 365.242, i.e., the same as the number of days in the solar year. The foregoing symbolical representation of Adam is supported by a number of time measurements.

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 144-147, par. 352-359)

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Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 3

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 3

The first Adam’s 1000-yearday

“While the roof-commencement of the Descending Passage indicates the date of the flood, which inaugurated the “Present Evil World” (as noted in our previous post), Adam’sdayof condemnation, in which the world was started on its downward course to destruction, is indicated by the floor-commencement, i.e., the north edge of thebasement-sheet.” As we proceed with our consideration of the Pyramid’s symbolical time-measurements, we shall find that these two indications are consistently recognized throughout.

When God pronounced the sentence of condemnation against Adam, saying: “In the day that thou eats thereof, thou shalt surely die” (Gen. 2:17), we must not understand that the “day” referred to was one of 24 hours, for according to the record of Adam’s death, he had lived for 930 years. The harmony of the time-parallels given in Sections XX and XXIII warrants our claim that thisdayof condemnation was indeed a thousand years long (2 Pet. 3:8).

In consequence of Adam’s disobedience against the Divine command, the whole race of mankind has been born in sin, and all are condemned to die, as the Apostle says: “by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin: and so death passed upon all men” (Rom 5:12). In the symbolism of the Great Pyramid, the human race is represented as laboring down the steep Descending Passage on the way to the Pit of destruction, because of the condemnation passed upon their federal head on that “day” in which he sinned. The date of the end of this 1000-yearday is, therefore, appropriately indicated by the north edge of the basement-sheetin a number of time-measurements.

To understand the application of the present time-measurement, we must remember that, had Adam not disobeyed his Creator, the Bible would not have required to be written, nor the corroborating Pyramid to be built; for the Bible is a record of God’s plan for man’s redemption. In symbol, Adam and Eve are represented as standing on the solid rock enjoying the full uninterrupted light of heaven, having nothing between them and their Maker. Immediately after the transgression they were cast out of this light and entered the darkness of sin and death, represented by the dark Descending Passage in the interior of the Pyramid.

Toward the end of the “day” of condemnation Adam died; and his children, born in degradation and powerless to retrace their steps, had perforce to continue on the downward way. The lower they descended the darker became their path, until there was barely sufficient illumination to remind them of the great light and freedom once enjoyed by father Adam. When they passed the bend at the lower end of the passage, they lost even that little trace of light, and were compelled to go on in complete darkness till they fell into the Pit of death.

The Entrance to the downward passage is situated a considerable distance above the rock-base of the building. This distance was not fixed in a haphazard way by the Architect, as we have noticed in Section XXI (Post number 1), but was so arranged, that the period of Adam’s 1000-year “day” is indicated in the following way: by the measurement from the leveled rock-base up the inclined face of the casing to the ancient Entrance, then down the now missing portion of the Descending Passage to the north edge of the “basement-sheet.” (The total number of Pyramid inches in this measurement, as shown in the diagram, is 1000.1810+ Pyramid inches).

According to the statement of the Bible, the exact age of Adam at death was 930 years, or just 70 years short of the full 1000. This difference of 70 years is corroborated in the Pyramid by the difference between the two inclined heights of (1) the ancient floor-beginning, and (2) the north edge of thebasement-sheet,” of the Descending Passage above the natural rock-level. The second one of these two inclined heights is taken along a line which is exactly parallel to the first one, i.e., parallel to the casing-stone surface. The precise difference between these two inclined measures is 70.0917+ Pyramid inches. Thus the north edge of the “basement-sheet” marks both the end of Adam’s 1000-year “day” of condemnation, and the date of his actual death at 930.089 years of age (Gen. 5:5).

Great Pyramid Passages, Page 141-143, par. 345-351

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Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 2

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 2

The Flood and Christ’s Baptism

“The reader will agree that Professor C. Piazzi Smyth’s opinion regarding the “basement – sheet” of the Descending Passage, that its present north-beginning was designed by the ancient Architect to form an integral part of the Pyramid’s symbolical system, receives strong support by the mathematical calculations presented in Section XXI. We are not surprised, therefore, to find that the important date of the flood is accurately indicated at this part of the Pyramid; for the Descending Passage appropriately represents the downward course of the

Present Evil World” which began when the “Old World” was destroyed by the waters of the deluge, and which will end in the fiery trouble symbolized by the Subterranean Chamber or Pit (2 Pet. 3:6, 7).

Professor C. Piazzi Smyth was the first to express the belief that the Entrance Passage must, by some method, commemorate the deluge; and in Vol. III of his Life and Work he shows by astronomical calculations, that the coincidence of certain stellar signs (Draconic and Aquarius) on the meridional line of the passage, points in a general way to the time of the flood. Professor Smyth confessed, however, that owing to the widely divergent opinions of accredited chronological authorities (whose findings he quotes), he was unable to decide on the exact date of the flood, and that his views must thus be taken as approximate only. We have stated the grounds for our confidence in the authenticity of the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament (Sec. IV); and from this we are enabled to fix the date as 2472 B.C.

The period of 1656 years from the creation of Adam to the flood, does not require much comment, for it is based upon the records of the original Hebrew Scriptures.” This is clearly shown in “The True Bible Chronology.

It might be asked: How is it possible to satisfactorily prove that the Entrance of the Pyramid was intended to indicate the flood-date? We hold that the wonderful fitness of the symbolical features of the Pyramid, and the exact harmonious co-relationship of all the time-measurements, are sufficient proofs of intention; even as we recognize that the beautiful harmony of the numerous time and other features of the Scriptures, is an evidence of pre-arrangement on the part of its Divine Author. When we find, therefore, that the commencement of the roof of the Descending Passage (or that part of the roof which is directly and squarely opposite the north-beginning of the “basement-sheet“) indicates the date of the flood in a number of important time- measurements, we are assured that this indication was specially designed by the great Master-Builder.

In Section XXII we draw attention to the chronological parallel between the flood and Christ’s baptism, which, according to the Apostle Peter (1 Pet. 3:20, 21) are related to one another as type and antitype. The parallel periods in this Scriptural time-feature (the diagram above) do not appear to be indicated in the Great Pyramid; but the complete period of years between the beginning of the typical flood, and the beginning of the antitypical outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is corroborated by a corresponding Pyramid time-measurement.

We have already proved that the date of Christ’s baptism is indicated by that point on the level of the Queen’s Chamber floor (the Plane of Human Perfection) which is vertically in line with the Grand Gallery north wall.

Now if we measure northward (29.9915 or 30 pyramid inches) from this point horizontally to the floor of the First Ascending Passage (See diagram above), then down the inclined floor-line (1510.008 pyramid inches) to the “Point of Intersection,” and from thence upward toward the Entrance of the Pyramid (961.904 pyramid inches), we shall find that the point on the floor of the Descending Passage which is vertically in line with the roof-commencement, indicates the date of the beginning of the flood, 2473¼ B.C.

Thus the Pyramid, like the Scriptures, indicates a connection between the flood, and the immersion with the Holy Spirit. (In this time-measurement the beginning of the flood is indicated, although the vertical “Flood-line,” shown in the accompanying diagrams, also indicates the date of the drying-up of the flood a year later—Compare Gen. 7:11, with 8:13, 14. The period from the beginning of the flood, to the baptism of Christ when the Holy Spirit first began to be poured out, is, therefore, a little under 2502 years (See Chart above). The precise total of Pyramid inches in the measurement detailed above, and as shown in the diagrams, is 2501.9045+. (See also footnote on page 55.)

The anointing of Jesus in Autumn of 29 A.D. was the beginning of the antitypical baptism of the Holy Spirit, which will ultimately “submerge” the whole world, as the Apostle intimated when he quoted Joel: “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh” (Acts 2:16-18). The fact that the date of Jesus’ baptism is indicated at the commencements of the Grand Gallery and Horizontal Passage, well illustrates Joel’s prophecy and the Apostle’s application of it, namely, that in “those days” of the Gospel Age, symbolized by the Grand Gallery, the Lord’s “servants and handmaidens” would have the Holy Spirit poured upon them; and that “afterwards” the “sons and daughters” of the Second Adam during the time of the New Covenant (symbolized by the Horizontal Passage to the Queen’s Chamber), would also have God’s Holy Spirit poured upon them.

This time-measurement, therefore, which connects the beginning of the Descending Passage with the beginning of the Horizontal Passage, contrasts Noah, the father of the “Present Evil World,” with Christ, the “Everlasting Father” of the “World to come, wherein righteousness dwells.”

NOTE: The measure of 23.362+ Pyramid inches shown in the diagram above, i.e., the floor-distance between the north edge of the Descending Passage “basement-sheet ” and the vertical “Flood-line,” is based upon the right-angled, transverse, height of the Descending Passage roof above the floor, in this case taken to be 47.2648 + Pyramid inches, and upon the correct theoretical downward angle of 26° 18′ 9″.7 for the passage. According to the measures of Professor C. Piazzi Smyth, as published in his Vol. II of Life and Work at the Great Pyramid, the transverse height of the Descending Passage is from 47.0928 +, to 47.2726 +, Pyramid inches.

In the First Ascending Passage just above the upper end of the Granite Plug, the mean transverse height of the roof above the floor is 47.2493 + Pyramid inches. We believe that slight variations in measure, within narrow limits, were intended, as we have found in other measured parts of the building.

(Great Pyramid Passages Page 137-140, par. 338-344)

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 1

Time Features of the Great Pyramid, Part 1

The Entrance of the Great Pyramid

Having we hope sufficiently outlined the basic construction of the Great Pyramid showing how its various passages and chambers symbolize the various features of the Divine Plan of the Ages we would now like to take a look at some of its time features as recorded by the measurements of these selfsame passages and chambers. However before we can begin this it will prove necessary first to establish a starting point from which to begin our measurements, and since having found from previous studies that the outside of the pyramid as well as its original entrance is in pretty bad shape having weathered both time and vandal we must first attempt to redefine the outside perimeters before we can proceed. Once again we will be following along the outline as taken from the Edgar bothers work, Great Pyramid Passages.

“The present Entrance to the interior of the Great Pyramid is very dilapidated, and it is clearly apparent that a large portion of the masonry at this part of the building has been removed. According to the ancient geographer, Strabo, who saw the Pyramid in its pristine beauty, the Entrance was closed by a pivoted stone door. Referring to the Pyramids of Gizeh, he wrote:

“The Greater [Pyramid], a little way up one side, has a stone that may be taken out, which being raised up, there is a sloping passage to the foundations”—i.e., to the Subterranean Chamber under the foundation of the building.

Other early writers bear record that the outer surfaces of the Pyramid were smoothly finished off with beautiful white, beveled casing-stones. This casing has long since been torn off by the Arabs for building mosques and houses, and the great mound of fragments which lies around the base was for many centuries the only visible evidence of the noble monument’s former splendor. But in 1837, Col. Howard Vyse excavated down through this rubbish at the middle of the northern side, and was rewarded by discovering several large, well-preserved casing-stones in situ.

As this remnant of casing furnishes the alignment and upward angle of the building’s original smooth exterior surface on the northern side, its situation on the Platform almost directly in line with the Entrance above, is most advantageous (See the drawing by K. Vaughan on page 113). Professor Flinders Petrie was thus enabled with the aid of his scientific measuring instruments, to accurately determine the former position of the ancient Entrance doorway, and also to compute the length of the now missing outer portion of the Descending Passage.

We have substituted this color photo in place of the drawing furnished by K. Vaughan which we believe shows the exact same thing. The gentleman in the black trousers at the bottom of the photo is standing in the same position as that of the man in the black and white photo above, right next to the remaining remnant of white casing stones. Notice how these stones gleam in the sun’s light, now picture in your mind what the Great Pyramid may have looked like when completely covered in these stones, what a blinding spectacle that must have been.

Basement-sheetof the Descending Passage

Although it is manifest that a large section of the masonry of the Descending Passage has been removed, Professor C. Piazzi Smyth was nevertheless of the opinion that the wide

basement- sheet,” the central line of which forms the floor of the passage, did riot extend further north than at present. This “basement-sheet,” as Professor Smyth named it, is a large flat sheet of masonry extending at an angle from the Entrance, down to the junction of the First Ascending Passage, where (supposedly) the natural rock begins. It is 33 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet thick. Down the center of this broad sheet of stone, and at a distance of three and a half feet apart, the walls of the Descending Passage are carefully laid; and placed across the top of these walls are immense roof-stones. If Professor Smyth’s suggestion be correct, that this wide “basement- sheet ” did not originally extend further north than at present, then the Descending Passage must have continued out to the casing- stone surface with a narrower foundation for the floor, or by some other method of masonic construction; for it is certain that it was always possible for visitors to enter the Descending Passage directly from the exterior, provided they knew of the exact location of the pivoted stone door, referred to by Strabo. (See also Par. 337 in Vol. I.)

The results of our own investigation of this part of the building supports Professor Smyth’s opinion; for a large number of important time-measurements require to be computed from the present floor-beginning of the passage. At the same time it would appear that the Architect also intended the original Entrance doorway to form part of the symbolism of this great stone “Witness,” for calculations demonstrates that the doorway, and the north edge of the “basement-sheet,” bears a certain mathematical relationship to each other. The emplacement of each was fixed by the Master-Builder according to his usual symmetric system of corresponding proportions, examples of which we have already noticed in Sections VII and XIII, as well as in the 1st volume.

Professor Flinders Petrie reckoned the top level surface of the Platform as the base-line in all his measurements for heights and depths in the Pyramid. But this is not the only base-line employed by the Architect in the scientific design of his great building, for the rock-level under the Platform, and the four corner- socket levels (See Vol. I, Pars. 82, and 271-275), must also be recognized in connection with a number of the Pyramid’s corroborative time-features, and geometric proportions.

The corner-socket levels are lower than the levelled natural rock under the Platform, and Professor C. Piazzi Smyth shows that the scientific base-size of the Pyramid is founded upon these, and not upon either the levelled rock or Platform. He writes: “Ever since John Taylor’s happy identification of the verse in Job. 38:6 (aided by the marginal translation) with the building of the Great Pyramid in or upon the rock, the majority of explorers have been firm in maintaining that the actual and still socket-defined corners of the base, in the solid living foundational rock bearing the monument, are the ancient architect’s intended fiducial points for defining the true size or full base measure of his grand work of all the ages” (See New Measures of the Great Pyramid, page 23).

According to the careful calculations of the Rev. H. G. Wood, of Sharon, Pa., U.S.A., which are approved and printed in full by Professor Smyth in his publication entitled “New Measures of the Great Pyramid”, the mean level of the four corner-socket floors is 29.7488 + Pyramid inches (roughly 30 inches) below the level of the upper surface of the Platform.

The Platform is fully illustrated by our photographs in Volume 1. Particular measuring during 1912 enables us to pronounce the true thickness of the Platform to be 20⅞ British, or  20.8560+ Pyramid, inches. This Platform, with a section of the pavement which lies in front of it, was first discovered by Col. Howard Vyse; and in his published work he gives the thickness in round figures as 21 inches. As we point out in Paragraphs 227 and 271 of Vol 1, the pavement is a distinct piece of masonry, and must not be confounded with the Platform, the front edge of which projects about 16.5 inches beyond the bottom edge of the casing-stones.

Although the top surface of the pavement is beautifully level and continuous with the Platform, the stones with which it is built vary considerably in thickness. The Platform stones, on the contrary, are of a uniform thickness throughout; the builders therefore spent much time in accurately levelling the natural rock preparatory to laying the Platform. At present this piece of masonry can be seen only along the northern side of the building; but there is no doubt whatever that it continues right round the Pyramid, for Professor Flinders Petrie reports having discovered portions of it in several places when digging down through the mounds of debris on the other three sides.

These three levels, namely (1) the upper surface of the Platform, (2) the levelled natural rock under the Platform, and (3) the mean level of the four corner-socket floors, are related to each other and to the doorway of the ancient Entrance, and also to the “basement-sheet” of the Descending Passage, by a connecting system of harmonious measurements. They are all required in the calculations of the time-features of the Pyramid.

Professor Flinders Petrie computed the direct vertical height of the lower north edge of the ancient and now missing doorway of the Entrance, above the level upper surface of the Platform, to be, as nearly as he could determine, 668.3 British inches. The theoretical height is only about ¼” more than this, or when expressed accurately in Pyramid inches the total vertical height is 667.8939+. The length of the missing outer portion of the Descending Passage we have already stated to be (See Par. ii), in Pyramid inches, 124.3980+.

With these Pyramid-inch measures, and the known angles of the casing-stone surface and passage-ways (See Section 2), we find that both the ancient, as well as the present, north- beginnings of the Descending Passage floor are definitely related to the Socket-level base, and the Platform-level base, by distances that agree with the precise dimensions of the King’s Chamber; and one of these distances contains, additionally, the exact length of the earth-commensurable Pyramid cubit:

The exact vertical distance between the Socket-level base, and the north edge of the Descending Passage “basement- sheet,” i.e., the north-commencement of the passage-floor as it is at present, is, according to the above-mentioned measures, 642.5203 + Pyramid inches.

This vertical distance is, therefore, equal to the sum of the length, and height, of the King’s Chamber (See page 43 for the dimensions of this Chamber). Thus:

King’s Chamber length— 412.1316+

King’s Chamber height (floor to ceiling)— 230.3886 +

Total Pyramid inches— 642.5203 +

As the vertical height of the floor-commencement of the Descending Passage, at the Ancient Entrance, is computed to be 667.8939+ Pyramid inches above the Platform-level base (as noted above), the inclined height up the face of the casing-stone covering of the building, measuring from the Platform level, is, therefore, 849.2633 + Pyramid inches.

The inclined height of 849.2633 + inches is equal to twice the length of the King’s Chamber (See page 43), plus a Pyramid cubit:

King’s Chamber length (412.1316+), multiplied by 2, equals— 824.2633+

One Pyramid cubit, of 25 Pyramid inches— 25.

Total Pyramid inches— 849.2633 +

It will be noticed that the inclined height of the ancient doorway above the upper surface of the Platform, distinctly indicates by the above characteristic Pyramid method the absolute length of the cubit used by the Architect (i.e. 25 cubits inches), and appropriately named by Professor C. Piazzi Smyth the “Sacred Pyramid Cubit ” (Compare No. 13, page 41). Other examples will be presented in Vol. III.

The odds that the dimensions of the Kings Chamber would so collaborate that of the entrance passage measurements right down to the decimal point is almost beyond belief, coincidence we think not, it is evident that the divine architect intended this correspondence not only as a confirmation to its authenticity, but to aid us in reestablishing the original measurements of the outside perimeter and entrance. Thus we believe we have a reliable starting point for our time measurements.

(Great Pyramid Passages, Page 111-119, par. 266-279)


The Great Pyramid, Part 57

The Great Pyramid, Part 57

The Pastor’s concluding thoughts on the Great Pyramid as taken from Volume III of the Studies in the Scriptures series sums up well the unique testimony of the Great Pyramid.

Some may scoff at the testimony of this stoneWitness,” as they also scoff at God’s written Word; but to their scoffs we answer:

Account for this peculiar fitness of things, or else venture to prophesy of the future, and see how your prophecies will result. Prove to us that it requires no inspiration to foretell future events. Show us a sample of worldly wisdom.

Present your case,” says the Lord. “Bring forth your strong reasons,” says the King of Jacob. “Let them bring forth and show us what will happen; Let them show the former things, what they were, That we may consider them, And know the latter end of them; Or declare to us things to come. Show the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that you are gods [mighty ones]…”  NKJ Isa 41:21-23

Not only does the Great Pyramid confound atheistical scientists, but it refutes utterly their modern and anti-Scriptural theory of “Evolution“–on which subject we cannot do better than quote the following words of Dr. Joseph Seiss, from his excellent treatise on the Great Pyramid, entitled “A Miracle in Stone.”

If as our Evolutionist friends say man has been slowly evolving through some form of evolutionary process from primeval soup, to ape, to troglodyte and so on and so forth how then did our early ancestors some 4000 plus years ago build a structure containing so many hidden truths, many of which are purely scientific.

“How could the builders of this mighty structure have known what our profoundest savants (learned scholars, scientist and etc.), after a score of centuries of observation and experiment, have only imperfectly been able to find out? How could they know how even to make and handle the tools, machines and expedients, indispensable to the construction of an edifice so enormous in dimensions, so massive in its materials, so exalted in its height and so perfect in its workmanship that to this day it is without a rival on earth?

How could they have known the sphericity, rotation, diameter, density, latitude, poles, land distribution and temperature of the earth, or its astronomical relations?

How could they solve the problem of the squaring of the circle, calculate the proportions or determine the four cardinal points?

How could they frame charts of history and dispensations, true to fact in every particular, for the space of four thousand years after their time, and down to the final consummation?

How could they know when the Mosaic economy would start, how long continue, and in what eventuate?

How could they know when Christianity would be introduced, by what great facts and features it would be marked, and what would be the characteristics, career and end of the Church of Christ?

How could they know of the grand precessional cycle, the length of its duration, the number of days in the true year, the mean distance of the sun from the earth, and the exact positions of the stars at the time the Great Pyramid was built?

How could they devise a standard and system of measures and weights, so evenly fitted to each other, so beneficently conformed to the common wants of man, and so perfectly harmonized with all the facts of nature?

And how could they know how to put all these things on record in a single piece of masonry, without one verbal or pictorial inscription, yet proof against all the ravages and changes of time, and capable of being read and understood down to the very end?

“Men may sneer, but they cannot laugh down this mighty structure, nor scoff out of it the angles, proportions, measures, nature references and sacred correspondences which its Maker gave it. Here they are in all their speaking significance, stubborn and invincible beyond all power to suppress them.”

The voice of this wonderful “Witness” brings forcibly to mind the words of our Lord on that notable occasion of his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, when he typically presented himself to Israel as their king, amidst the acclamation’s of the whole multitude of his disciples, who were loudly praising God for the mighty works that had been done, saying, “Blessed be the king that cometh in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven, and glory in the highest.”

And when the Pharisees were urging him to rebuke them, he answered, “I tell you that if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.” (Luke 19:37-40) And so it is today: while the King of glory has actually come, and while the great majority of his professed living witnesses, who should be loudly rejoicing, and saying, Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord, are dumb–some from fear of being put out of the synagogue, and some from drowsy slothfulness, or from the intoxication of worldliness which keeps them in ignorance of the time of our visitation–lo, the very stones of this Great Pyramid of Testimony are crying out in no uncertain tones. Every inch of this massive structure is eloquently proclaiming the wisdom and power and grace of our God.

Firmly encased in this solid rocky structure, beyond the power of nature’s storms or of the ruthless hand of the destroyer, the outline drawings of God’s great plan have stood for four thousand years, prepared to give their testimony at the time appointed, in corroboration of the similarly revealed, but for ages hidden, testimony of the sure Word of Prophecy.

The testimony of this “Witness to the Lord in the land of Egypt,” like that of the written Word, points with solemn and unerring precision to the final wreck of the old order of things in the “Pit” of oblivion, and to the glorious establishment of the new, under Christ Jesus, the great Chief Corner-stone of God’s eternal building, in conformity with the lines of whose glorious character all things worthy of everlasting existence must be built up under him. Amen! Amen! Thy Kingdom come! Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven!

The Great Pyramid, Part 56

The Great Pyramid, Part 56

A Comparison between the Great Pyramid and the Tabernacle, continued

Let us review some of what we have learned thus far.

As it was with regards to the “First Vail” in the Tabernacle picture so too with regards to the “Granite Leaf” in the Great Pyramid picture, both are of supreme importance as both represent the only gateway into the heavenly phase of the kingdom, there is no other way of entry into the heavenly phase of the kingdom but by means of this one “door” or entrance.

This is THEgate of which our Lord spoke of which few there be that find (the majority having been deceived and misled by the blind guides), the Straight gate which leads to life, and not just any life, but the highest form of life, one which at present is unique only to the Father and the Son, divine life, inherent life, immortality. This unique form of life is made accessible only now during the “acceptable time”, and by one means only, the narrow way of death by sacrifice (Matt 7:14)

The only way to access this gate is by stooping (or bowing) to the will of God (as depicted by individual number 6). And what was it that we learned was the will of God?

This is the will of God even your sanctification (your setting apart- your full consecration to Him and to His will).” 1 Thess 4:3.

This we do by taking the “SECOND STEP”, by following in the Master’s footsteps, consecrating ourselves entirely to the LORD and to his service, by entering into covenant with the Father, “a covenant by sacrifice” (Psa 50:5; Rom 12:1). In doing so we agree not only to surrender our wills for that of the Father’s, but likewise to surrender or sacrifice our justified humanity (our restitutional life rights), which are secured through the ransom sacrifice of Christ, and acquire through faith.

When we have done this, taken this second step (our share in the sanctification process), Christ imputes the merit of his righteousness to us and our justification become vitalized, actual justification thereby making our consecration, our offering holy and acceptable to the Father through Christ Jesus. At this point not only did the human will die, but likewise as human beings we were hence forth considered dead. “For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” (Col 3:3).

Here it was that we were baptized into Christ death, made participators in his death. “Being made conformable to his death” (Rom 6:3; Phil 3:10) we willingly laid down all our earthly rights and privileges as human beings, including our restitution rights, and in so doing we were begotten by the Father through the Holy Spirit to a “new nature”, a spirit nature, one possessing “the mind (or disposition) of Christ” (as depicted by individual number 6 stepping for the first time upon granite stone). This new creature (in mind only at the present time), only in its embryonic stage presently inhabits the old earthen vessel one which the Lord would have “quickened” and used up in his service and that of the brethren. However in order to accomplish this task, to grow in the graces and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, it needs to be properly natured and developed, this is accomplished in the school of Christ by means of various trials and testing which are brought to bear upon it to prove its worthiness, its faithfulness (as depicted in individual number 7). In so doing the LORD accomplishes his share in the sanctification process.

Now before one can enter the “Sanctuary” or King’s Chamber, which is a figure or type of heaven itself (Heb. 9:24), they must first accomplish two more very important things, the first and foremost of which is that they must be diligent in the study and development of their characters, that they make their calling and election sure (2 Pet 1:10), in developing a Christ like character, and secondly that they maintain this character likeness to the very end, that they be proven “faithful until death” (Rev 2:10), that is until their sacrifice (the sacrifice of their earthly lives) has been completely consumed upon the Lord’s altar, even as was their Lord’s.

In the Great Pyramid this is pictured in the fact that they must bow down once more (depicted by individual number 8), and pass through another low entrance-passage (the second low passage). The stooping necessary to do this symbolizes death, for those who will become joint – heirs with Jesus Christ must rise from the plane of spirit-begetting to the plane of spirit-birth, that is, they must be changed to the spiritual condition in the actual as distinguished from the reckoned sense before they can enter the heavenly glory, for “flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God“—1 Cor. 15:50 (that is the spiritual phase of the kingdom). That the plane of spirit-birth is higher than the plane of spirit-begetting is indicated in the Great Pyramid by the fact that the granite floor of the King’s Chamber is on a higher level than the upper surface of the first granite stone in the floor of the Ante-Chamber.

The emergence from the second low entrance-passage into the King’s Chamber symbolizes the ‘resurrection of those who have been faithful followers of Christ. This is the first or chief resurrection concerning which John the Revelator states: “Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years “—Rev. 20: 6. Paul, speaking of the same class, said: “The dead in Christ shall rise first” (1 Thess. 4: 16), and again, “It is a faithful saying: For if we be dead with him, we shall also live with him. If we suffer, we shall also reign with him2 Tim 2:11, 12.

This gracious offer of joint-heirship with Jesus is free to those who have ears to hear the glad tidings before the time when the door of opportunity will close, and all who accept and are faithful unto death (as depicted by individual number 10) will receive the crown of life, and will find that the sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in them, for they will be raised in the likeness of Christ’s glorious spiritual body and will reign with him—Rev 2 : 10; Rom 8 : 18; Phil 3 : 21; 1 John 3 : 2.

“The only furniture in the “Kings Chamber”, (the coffer, number 9) corresponds to the Ark of the Covenant, which was the only piece of furniture in the Most Holy of the Tabernacle and the Temple. What in the one was made of gold, in the other was made of granite; nevertheless both carried the same symbolic significance.”

As the Ark of the Testimony represents Christ Jesus and his Bride, the “little flock,” to be partakers of the divine nature and to be imbued with power and great glory…” (T121) so likewise the granite coffer.

Continued with next post.