His Number is 666, Part 3

His Number is 666, Part 3

The Golden Image

There is a direct comparison to be made between the golden image of the Book of Daniel and the image of the beast in the Apocalypse. (Rev 13:18)

600 (six hundred)

60 (threescore)

6 (six)


Image of Gold Daniel 3:1

Height 60 cubits

Breadth 6 cubits

In both instances the numbers are multiples of six. Both refer to statues that are set up. Both have to do with religious worship, and in each case the penalty for failure to do so is death. A studied comparison of the detailed activity of King Nebuchadnezzar, representative of the civil or dragon element, and the actions of the beast and its image, the clerical or religious element, assists in a better understanding of the prophetic role each will follow in the near future in putting to death the last members of the body of Christ. When the two accounts are combined, the Holy Spirit furnishes a prospectus of what to expect.

Daniel 3 shows that the civil element will act as executioner. In the type, when the three Hebrews were brought before the king, they were given an opportunity to recant. Their reply was, “We are not careful to answer thee in this matter” (Dan 3:16).

In other words, when the chips are down and this issue is brought to public attention in the future, religious scruples and conscience being at stake, then a definite and positive stand will have to be taken. Prudence will no longer be expedient.

After the negative response of the three Hebrews, the king of Babylon’s visage changed, for their refusal was an affront to his authority and a wound to his prestige— and that before a large audience. The bowing to the statue was to be a display of unity. Leaders from all the various provinces were to get together and simultaneously worship the image at a given moment; i.e., when the music, a national or religious an-them, was played.

The image in Daniel was described as golden to indicate a religious symbol. The statue was most likely that of Bel. As the god of the Babylonian Empire, “Bel” was incorporated into names such as Belshazzar (Isa 46:1; Jer 50:2; 51:44; Dan 1:7; 5:1). The image of gold was set up on the plain of Dura in the province of Babylon (Dan 3:1). Since Babylon is a symbol of Christendom, Dura indicates the scene of action. In the near future in Christendom, there will be a drawing together of the peoples to make a choice. King Nebuchadnezzar did not anticipate any dissent, for he thought the circumstances warranted his receiving unanimous support. Although he did obtain a real demonstration of power, he resented the handful who opposed his order. Desiring unanimous compliance, the king gave the three Hebrews another opportunity to indicate their support and loyalty. When they declined, they were thrown into the fiery furnace.

In the type the three Hebrews were delivered miraculously; not even the smell of smoke was on their clothing. Besides the men who cast them into the furnace, the only thing destroyed was the rope or cords, which bound them. With their survival the king was “astonished” (as stone, frozen with astonishment). In the antitype, however, the Lord’s people will be delivered according to the spirit, not the flesh. It is the cords of flesh that will be burned or destroyed. Whereas the Hebrew children were physically delivered in connection with standing by their convictions and honoring God, the feet members of the body of Christ will be delivered only as new creatures; their cords of flesh will be burned (die) and they will enter beyond the veil of human experience.

The statue erected by the king of Babylon represented two things: (a) the invisible purported national god himself and (b) a physical representation of his likeness.

So in the Apocalypse, in the final analysis, two entities will be thrust before the public eye: (a) the beast and (b) his image.

The Trinity

The number 666 is composed of three 6’s. The fact that it is one number, yet contains three integers, suggests the particular doctrine to be used as a ploy in the future, namely, the doctrine of the Trinity. The Trinity will serve as a TEST upon all to determine their compliance with orthodoxy; all opposers will be eliminated from society as cultists, nonconformists, and heretics.

Note: There are many different systems of beliefs taught throughout Christendom which do not support the doctrine of the Trinity, some of which adamantly deny it, however a denial of the Trinity does not imply that the system of belief or organization is not still considered a part of Christendom. Within the bounds of Christendom (i.e. amongst those professing Christ) there are many groups, which are not accepted as being a part of organized Christianity, Orthodoxy, this however does not imply that they are not still considered a part of the great false kingdom, the Antichrist.

It should be noted that the number six, in itself, is not sinful, for the Holy City of God (Revelation 21) is replete with the multiple of six. Moreover, the basic measuring reed of the future Temple of God to be built in Jerusalem is spoken of as six cubits in length (Ezek 40:5). What makes the number 666 so detestable is that it is the counterfeit sacred number whereby the Papacy will assume again the prerogatives of Deity in the present life.

The pagan Trinitarian doctrine, as shown so profusely by Alexander Hislop’s “The Two Babylon’s”, existed many centuries prior to the introduction of Christianity into the world. This unholy and unscriptural doctrine found its way into nominal churchianity about the time of Constantine. It not only existed in Babylon but also was expressed in the complicated theology of Hinduism and Brahmanism.

Nearly a hundred years before Christ, Kalidasa, one of the most renowned poets of India, com-posed the following hymn in honor of the Trinity:

In those three Persons

The one God was shown,

Each first in place,

Each last—not one alone;

Of Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma,

Each may be first, second, third,

Among the blessed three.

(The Keys of Revelation, Pages 365, 366)

“…And I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshiped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” (Rev 20:4)

If the scriptures state that only the faithful, the elect will not bear the mark, ask yourself, how important is it to you to know or understand (i.e. be able to identify) who or what the ANTICHRIST is, so as to be sure that you are not bearing his mark or the number of his name?

Unfortunately many professed Christians bare his MARK even now, and are totally unaware of it.

If you are waiting for your minister or your church to give you this information, you are going to be sadly disappointed. The scriptures state, “Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding (spiritual insight) calculate the number of the beast (the Antichrist), for it is the number of man: His number is 666.” (Rev 13:18)

Lastly and most importantly do not be deceived into believing the vain imaginings of those who lack understanding (spiritual understanding) who spout all matter of nonsense, claiming that the mark of the beast is or will be some kind of bar-code which is to be imprinted upon the flesh or a capsule of some kind inserted into the flesh, these are but the foolish ramblings of  nominal professors, the worldly or “tare class”, who lack spiritual insight. Likewise don’t fall for the idea that it is only the world, the non-believer who is to receive this mark, this has NOTHING to do with the non-believer. This applies only to the professed followers of Christ, whether they be true or nominal. As stated the majority of those baring this mark today reside within the church nominal and are totally oblivious of it.

Ah! Yes one very last an important point, let none be deceived into believing that those who bare the mark of the beast or the number of his name are eternally lost. Possessing the mark of the beast does not in any way deny one the opportunity of salvation that has already been secured to ALL through the ransom sacrifice of Christ. However baring the mark does preclude one from reigning with Christ as a member of the very elect and body of Christ.


2 thoughts on “His Number is 666, Part 3

  1. You need to read Revelation 14 again. Many things wrong with your dissertation. Most obvious one is how Revelation 14 is clear that those who take the mark of the beast will definitely go to Hell for eternity.

    1. I will attempt to give a short answer to your comment here and will follow up with a more through answer in respects to your quote of Revelation Chapter 14 in one of my next posts.

      Evidently you hold to the common or orthodox view that only those who presently believe and who are saved are to escape eternal destruction whilst the great majority of mankind most of whom who are totally ignorant of the truth that and/or who have been deceived by the Adversary into believing a lie or “another gospel” as the Apostle Paul styles it, are eternally lost.

      This however is not the teachings of the Scriptures, but rather the teachings of the church nominal, the Word of the Lord to the contrary states otherwise, viz.

      For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior who will have ALL men to be saved (from the original condemnation which was upon them, i.e. Adamic sin), and to come unto the knowledge [Greek, accurate knowledge] of the truth.” (1 Tim 2:3, 4)

      Note the order here, first ALL men are to be saved, and then following their salvation, ALL men are to be brought to “an accurate knowledge” or “unto an exact knowledge” of the truth. (Diaglott, Original Greek Text) Salvation is a free gift, an unmerited favor; it is not something you or anyone else has earned.

      This salvation has been accomplished though Christ, “who gave himself a ransom for ALL to be testified in due (plural) times (Diaglott “seasons”).” Verse 6

      The implication here is that this testimony (the knowledge of the truth) is to be given in due seasons, now in the present time during the Gospel age some (the few) are being brought to this knowledge, the rest, the remainder of mankind both the ignorant and the deceived will be brought to this knowledge in the next age. Remember we are talking about an accurate knowledge of the truth, not the watered down version mixed with the Adversaries deceptions as propagated by the church nominal, but THE unvarnished truth.

      “Understand that we are not Universalist, God having saved (redeemed) ALL men from the original curse which was upon Adam and his race does not guarantee everlasting life to any, he merely releases us from the original sentence, brought upon us by Adam’s sin. Eternal salvation will be determined upon the conclusion of the trial of each individual, the Church presently during this the Gospel Age as each prospective member of the body passes beyond the Vail of death, and the remainder of the world by the end of the Mediatorial reign at the end of the millennial age.”

      Those presently who have been deceived by the Adversary into taking the mark of the beast or his image will as the scriptures imply suffer torment, but it is not an eternity in hell as you surmise. Though such have been deceived even yet they have not committed “the sin unto death”. The sin unto death is a sin against light and knowledge. No man can sin the sin unto death unless he has first been brought to an accurate knowledge of the truth. It is not a sin of ignorance; it is a willful, intentional sin against light, and therefore is called a sin against the Holy Spirit, a sin against the Spirit of Truth. Now then, is it possible for any except the spirit-begotten to commit the sin unto death?

      No! only those who have been truly begotten of the Holy Spirit, and are therefore thus able to come to an accurate (truthful) understanding of God’s Word and Plan, bear the responsibility which comes with possession of such great knowledge; neither the worldly (the ignorant) nor the mere professing Christian, (the nominally deceived Christian) share this responsibility, because neither possesses the spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit, therefore neither has yet to have been brought to the truth.

      The responsibilities are only with those who have tasted the heavenly gift and who have become partakers of the Holy Spirit and who have tasted the good word (the truth, the perfect Word, an accurate knowledge) of God and the powers of the age to come, (Heb 6:4, 5) these therefore know the truth, and are held responsible for this enlightenment, these only could sin the sin unto death, whereas no others could.

      The great majority of professing Christians, those who adhere to the teachings of the church nominal regardless of whether or not they belong to anyone of the various denominations bare the mark of the beast (Catholicism) or his image (Protestantism) howbeit most ignorantly, the few (spirit begotten ones, “foolish virgins, unripen wheat,) who know the truth (and thus know the true condition of Babylon and the Lords command in this regards) and yet still chose to remain and associate with the nominal church will reap the plagues coming upon Babylon (Rev 18:4).

      I would suggest a through reading of the following.

      The Lake of Fire, Second Death

      The Truth about Hell

      Eternal Torment

      As I said I will shortly be posting a more in-depth examination of Revelation Chapter 14, specifically those texts dealing with this issue.

      Until then may the Lord “anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see”, (Rev 3:18) the truth.

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