6000 Years from Adam, Part 1

6000 Years from Adam, Part 1

The True Bible Chronology

Chronology is the basis of dispensational truth. The great central doctrines of the Christian religion, the Ransom, Justification and Sanctification, have stood through all periods of the Gospel Dispensation; but there is a department of Bible truth which Providence has supplied for the well-being of the Church while engaged in her earthly pilgrimage, in which the element of time largely enters; and such truths as come within this department-on which much light has been thrown in recent times-are of inestimable value to thoughtful Christians now living on earth, for they enlighten their pathway (Psa 119:105), and are, furthermore, intimately connected with faith.

In an age characterized by apostasy and rampant skepticism, when few have any real faith in God and His Word, these special dispensational truths come to our assistance, imparting steadfastness, courage and peace, for they prove to the sanctified intelligence that the Bible is indeed God’s Word of truth, and that His plan, therein contained, is being executed on time, and exactly as foretold.” (“Which is the true Chronology?” Page 7)

Bishop Usher is the originator of the Chronology that is typically found in our Common Version English Bibles; it begins with the era known as Anno Domini (the year of our Lord–although Usher believed, with many scholars, that our Lord was born 4 years earlier than that era, –and we claim 1-1/4 years earlier.) Usher reckons backward from A.D., calling the years B.C., we have generally followed the same usage, however since some might grasp the subject better by a presentation of it in consecutive order, from Adam’s creation to the present time, we will here give such a presentation, known as A.M. (Anno Mundi) or the year of the world.

The Chronology we here wish to present we claim not as “ours” on the contrary, we claim it is God’s chronology, as supplied in the Bible to all that are his, and for our common use and benefit. We fear all human speculations and manufactures along these lines, both by others and ourselves.

Chronology as it is gathered from the Bible alone, from creation down to well authenticated secular history, is clear and strong, bearing evidence, too, of the peculiar methods of divine providence in its record, in its concealing and in its gradual unfolding in due time. And this, together with the reliable dates of the Christian era and the several centuries before it at hand, enables us to locate ourselves accurately on THE STREAM OF TIME.

In starting with the question, “How long has it been since man’s creation?” We should and do feel confident that he who gave the prophecies, and said that in the time of the end they should be understood, has provided in his Word the data necessary to enable us accurately to locate those prophecies.

However, any who expect to find these matters so plainly stated as to be convincing to the mere surface reader, or the insincere skeptic, will be disappointed. God’s times and seasons are given in such a way as to be convincing, at this time, only to those who, by acquaintance with God, are able to recognize his characteristic methods. The evidence is given “that the man of God may be thoroughly furnished.” (2 Tim. 3:17) not the non-believer or skeptic, they shall continue to dwell in the darkness in which they reside. As for the true believer these well know that in all the paths by which their Father leads they must walk by faith and not by sight. To all who are prepared to walk thus, we expect to be able to point out, at every step, solid statements of God’s Word–a sure foundation for reasonable faith.

There are 44 links in the chain of Chronology, beginning with the first link in Gen 5:3 and ending with the last link in 2 Chron 36:11 which brings us up to the first year of Cyrus, B.C. 536, a well established and generally accepted date.

As we consider the Chronology provided here by the Lord, let the earnest student, figure it out for himself and see how firm a foundation for our faith is laid in God’s Word. Two breaks in the historic narrative of the Old Testament we shall find, yet when we discover that in the New Testament God has provided bridges to span these two chasms, it should increase our confidence that God so arranged the record as to hide his times and seasons, until his due time for revealing them had come–just as he has done with other truths.

There are seven chronological periods leading us down to the reign of Cyrus, which we will examine separately so as not to confuse anyone.

Have your Bible at hand and verify every quotation, that you may receive this as God’s Word and not as man’s. It may serve you well to record each link in the chain of Chronology in your bibles, make sure that if a consecutive link is not found on the same page that you make a reference for yourself specifically stating where the next link in the chain can be found. 

Chronology of the Period from the Creation of Adam to the Day the Flood was dried up

“Adam lived ……..130 years and begat (a) son and called his name Seth.” Gen 5:3

“Seth lived ………105 years and begat Enos.” Gen 5:6

“Enos lived ……….90 years and begat Cainan.” Gen 5:9

“Cainan lived …….70 years and begat Mahalaleel.” Gen 5:12

“Mahalaleel lived …65 years and begat Jared.” Gen 5:15

“Jared lived ………162 years and begat Enoch.” Gen 5:18

“Enoch lived ………65 years and begat Methuselah.” Gen 5:21

“Methuselah lived 187 years and begat Lamech.” Gen 5:25

“Lamech lived ……182 years and begat a son and called his name Noah.” Gen 5:28

“Noah was ……….600 years old when the flood of waters were upon the earth.” Gen 7:6

Total from the creation of Adam to the day the flood was dried up.” Gen 8:13

= 1656 years

Nothing more simple and exact to a day than this could be asked.

Continued with next post.

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